Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Colors of Holi

Maushi Yesavchi distey! The Padar/ pallu is big so I think this aunty is from Vesave, each koliwada has its own style of wrapping the padar. We call it OTi in Koli.

Finger in mouth and am whistling~~~ Awesome! I love my koli women!!!

I miss all these spontaneous performances of the bold Koli women you get to see at Holi in the various Koliwadas in Mumbai. I want to to post it here for all to see how spunky Koli women can be. She can sells fish in the bazar, run her family's fishing business, cook the festive meals and then enjoy herself at the Holi venue. What are filmstars in front of them. I miss this a lot. It brought back memories of my father's cousin, his wife and his son who loved entertaining people. Atmaram Kaka and Kaki RIP and Suresh Dada I miss your fun. I miss all the fun at Colaba koliwada, the holi, the Khandoba chi Palkhi. All of it!!

If ever my Dad reads this he will hide himself. He disowned his people for all this fun!!! Can you believe it. He used to let me go to Colaba for Holi warning me not to be part of the TAMASHA. I was not allowed to dance on the streets with my people but he never objected me going to a pub!!! Its a different thing I never danced there too coz I never picked the skills from where I had to.

I love this. I miss it to the point I feel homesick when I see the celebrations on TV. Then such videos bring back the laughter in life.

Dedicated to all my blogger friends with roots in Mumbai, Bee, Manisha, Nandita, Nupur, Sonia. Saee, is lucky to be in Mumbai.


  1. Wow Anjali!! Kaay sahi!! Maushi is on fire, I need to take dance lessons from her, I cant shake my iron kambar for the life of me :(

    I SO miss Holi!! Me too from Mumbai :)

  2. What awesome Joie de of life kolis have.I still remember them as a kid, not taking crap from anyone. As a little girl I was mesmerized, I grew up to be like them though, no sickle or hatchett on my waist LOL, but crap o doodle from anyone.
    They were liberated before liberation became a fashiobable word. Cheers

  3. Thank you, dear Anjali. I love the spunky Koli women too, with their colorful attire and radiant smiles.

  4. Hey I saw this vedio earlier on facebook. Gr8 Aaji!!! This is what I call a performance:)

  5. Thanks for the dedication, Anjali! Holi is such a mad festival--and yes, it's madder in Mumbai!

  6. that was fun ! i must admit that for the better part of growing up in india, life was influenced by "what others would think / talk". hard to let go of inhibitions. really admire spontaneous and un- selfconcious poeple.


  7. he he Sonia you are hilarious:). I added you in the post, sorry for missing you out.

    Aaina123 thanks for the kind words for my Kolis.

    Nupur yup they have a kewl attitude and a whacky sense of humor.

    Khaugiri eww...just coz she is wearing nav-vari sadi doesn't mean she is an aaji!

    Saee in in blr all the festivals are just some poojas at home no public celebration here, make me miss the madness.

    Jai good to hear u enjoyed the video.


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