Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Cheer for Everyone!!

Tonight, on the Christmas Eve,
Something makes me believe,                                                            
You get more, the more you give,
Happiness… So let's re-live,
Our moments… As we move on,
To step in a new horizon,
Let’s open our hearts,
To take a chance to re-start,
To share the love on our parts,
Just kick start and learn the art,
Don't expect…Just be there,
Show you care for your loved ones,
Show you're there, when they need...
Rise above caste and creed,
Rise above lust and greed,
And all that you disagreed,
Bring it on, be the light,
Make everything be alright,
So tonight, celebrate, Feel the joy, levitate,
As we wait… for the man,
With the white beard,
Riding sleigh pulled by reindeers,
He’ll be here… Three cheers!
So tonight, on the Christmas Eve,
What will you get, what will you give?

- By Nikhil Wange (musician+ more)

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  1. I'm neither a chocolate person nor a peanut butter person. But I am sure I'm going to be making this frosting soon. Good discovery!


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