Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Jilebi Experiment

I used this recipe. I wanted to use what ever ingredients I had in the pantry for this experiment. I was not at all confident that Jilebi could be made so easily.

Though they turned out very crisp and was flat as the circles sat at the bottom of the frying pan, I still feel confident that I will improve my skills the next time.


  1. Hey it's awesome in first attempt :-)

  2. Khaugiri thanks for encouraging :)

    Sayantani it is linked in the beginning of the para.

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  4. Oh boy they are so mouthwatering :)

  5. The jalebis look perfect. I always thought there was urad dal in it !!!
    This one looks doable as you said though I doubt if I can ever get the perfect swirls like you.

    Happy Holidays and have a great New Year Anjali

  6. Delicious!! What wonderful looking jalebis!!

  7. Sandeepa, yeah me too thought urad dal was a must until I chanced this recipe and the swirls were actually squiggles but the whole frying process is quite forgiving. They metamorphosized into beautiful swirls. Give it a try. Thank you for the wishes and wish you the same.

  8. Wow!! making these at as much as you can option becomes available!!

  9. Kiran and that's a dangerous thing for me :P, you will agree! Humm... but making for family and friends gives a high.


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