Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chana Sprouts N Cabbage Salad

Not much of a recipe. Just putting together something I thought I will enjoy. Just had it for lunch and a glass of Amul's Masti Chaas for a downer.


1 Baby cabbage 
1 cup sprouted Green chickpeas/ Hara Chana/ any other beans
2 teaspoons Maggi chili sauce

Shred the baby cabbage. Boil the sprouts. Put it in a salad bowl. Put a dash of Maggi chili sauce about 2 teaspoons. Mix together with a salad fork. Enjoy the crunchy and protein packed salad!


  1. Seriously that a delicious and healthy salad..wonderful bowl..

  2. That's a healthy bowl of salad which I would be happy to polish off...good going by eating healthy food.

  3. Raw Cabbage + Boiled Chanaa = A lot of Gas?

  4. Anon LOL! It can't be used for any utility tho ;) Well seriously when you switch to raw foods you have to handle gas separately. I take a digestive to avoid it.

  5. How are you Anjali? seems the diet regime has already started. All the best with that. am not a fan of raw cabbages but this definitely looks good.

  6. Sayantani Hi! Am better now. Yes trying to do a bit on my own before I get my diet chart. Hope you are doing well too and hope the rains have stopped in Kolkata.

  7. Anjali just thought of sharing this with you. I know you are in safe hands of good doctors but this might help. its very doable, healthy and easy.

  8. Thanks for the link Sayantani. Just yesterday I consulted my corporate dietician. She has suggested a very wholesome diet. Also she has suggested that I should look at loosing only 2kgs per month. This is going to be a life style change for me so it has to be something that I can sustain. She has suggested I eat every 2 hrs and eat healthy stuff. No fried foods and sugar intake limited to 2 teaspoons per day. Will share my chart on the blog once I get it. Thanks for the link. I will check it out. Being informed is always better.

  9. lovely combination for salad healthy!!!!
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