Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Roasted Potato Rolls

Today was the lightest birthday celebration in my entire life. Birthdays in the family always meant calorie rich food. I made lot of stuff today but have never been so conscious about what to cook for a Birthday. I am a foodie at heart and a some one who loves to cook for people. I enjoy my food and so I share. However having gone thru the health alerts in the last couple of months I am aware about even the smallest morsel of food that I consume. I need to know how many calories it will give me. I am not blind to what I eat now. 

In the morning I made idli and chutney for breakfast. The tea was without sugar but with a sugar replacement. For the team I roasted kothimbir vadi with a wee bit of oil and took it to office. My lunch made up of carrot cucumber salad, Maa di dal, stuffed chilies, phulka and a shared cup of cold coffee with sugar, on a normal day I would have had a full glass without thinking twice. I was tempting my friend for a brownie but she resisted, may be I have scared everyone enough around me that they have become wise eaters :P :)

I ate the most in the evening, dinner was Tomato rice, Roasted Potato rolls and fruit salad with Lichee ice cream. The sum was a good 2000 cals almost 600 cals more than prescribed! Ok. I'll make up for it. 100 cals less for next 6 days.

These rolls I am sharing here would have been generously shallow fried Aloo tikis but I prefered to roast and I loved them. I think if I bake them they will be more delectable. It was a small batch so did not use the oven instead roasted them in a greased non stick pan. You may like to try.


3-4 boiled potatoes
1/4 teaspoon amchur powder
1/8 teaspoon turmeric
1/2 teaspoon red chili powder
salt to taste
handful of chopped cilantro

3 slices of bread

Mash everything together in a bowl. Roll them up. Grease the non stick pan. Lay them in it so they don't touch each other. Cook for 7-8 mins till they firm up. Then keep rolling them in the pan by flipping the pan. Cook till nice golden and crisp on the outside.

Serve hot with ketchup or chutney. Aloo in its basic form is really harmless and this is a nice lean recipe. Make it and enjoy your party.


  1. nice idea of roasting them..looks delicious..:)

  2. Sorry for the critic but..your diet is full of carbs and sugar.
    No protiens, other than the daal.
    idlis with sambar maybe better or even with eggs.
    rotis with daal good, maybe a sabzi or two.
    or better just the salad.
    Try cutting back the carbs and eating more protien and no sugar. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Anon I know you mean good. This is not the diet I follow. Its a BD freak out that I tried to keep healthier than usual BD celebrations. My Normal diet is as follows

    BF: a bowl of poha/ 2 idli-sambar-chutney + tea without sugar
    Mid morning: fruit
    Lunch/ Dinner: 1 sabzi+ 1 dal+ curd+ 1 bowl rice or 2 roti+ salad
    snack: salad bhel/ veg sandwich
    Post Dinner: Fruit

    I have managed to loose 3kgs with this diet in 40days. I used to eat lesser in the past. I'm a pure vegetarian and including more protein is always a challenge.

    Pl. suggest if I need to still change something.
    Thank you for the wishes.

  4. Its hard to get protiens as a vegetarian. Do you eat eggs? If you do, I would add that to the diet, boiled or fried for variety.
    Good job on losing the 6 lbs. Just cutting out the sugar is going to make you see a good amount of change.
    Maybe you can add soybeans, rajma(kidney beans),
    Ragi idlis, brown rice dosas, ragi rotis, bajra rotis for variety and cut back on white rice (thats hard I know).
    you are on the right path, Keep posting your progress.

  5. Firstly Thanks for the care you show. I would have loved to know thy name :)

    I do not eat eggs. I never used sugar in my tea but the weekends always meant sugar highs. We used to justify the bingeing that people freak out on meat on the weekends so it was OK for us to have desserts! Not anymore.

    Yes this week I made Maa-di-dal with Rajma and ate it thru the week. Yes I will include more variety of grains for the rotis as I always do. Rice I have only on 3-4 times a week but good suggestion will try to switch to brown rice.

    Thanks again.

  6. Hi Anjali
    longtime reader of your blog.I have the same food restrictions as you.Being vegetarian its difficult to have proteins. but i lost 6 kg with in 40 days with the diet i am following now.i eat flax seed [very good omega 3],spirulina and sprouts with my regular food. i have reduced carb intake. hope this helps you.please take good care. we all love you very much.

  7. Smitha kudos for your weightloss! Keep going and sharing your experience with me. Yes am starting spirulina and sprouts do show up once in a while. I have huge box of husk make be I should start it immediately!


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