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Help! Viren Needs Treatment For Leukemia

Dear Reader,
Wish you a very good day!

Mr. Viren Navin Shah, who is one of my best friends since childhood, has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML a type of blood cancer) and needs urgent treatment. I've shared here his relevant documents for your reference.

Viren has already completed his first round of chemotherapy at Bombay Hospital, Churchgate, Mumbai. He is currently admitted at Tata Memorial Hospital's ACTREC, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai under treatment and supervision of Dr. Navin Khattry for further rounds of chemotherapy.
He also needs to undergo unrelated matched bone marrow transplant (post acquiring bone marrow from a third party donor) because his brother Jatin’s bone marrow did not match with his bone marrow.

The funds that Viren and his family have, would not be sufficient for the entire / long term treatment. Almost all of their savings have already been exhausted. Estimated treatment cost as per the attached document provided by Tata ACTREC is INR 50,75,000/- (i.e. USD 105,000/- approx.) and hence I’m forwarding his request to you in order to provide financial aid for Viren's treatment. 

Apart from funds, Viren also requires regular transfusion of B+ blood and platelets. It would be great if you can help Viren find more and more donors for this purpose as well.

Viren is 31, married and has a son of age 2 years. He had lost his father when Viren was 16 years old and since then, he is the bread earner of his family. Please help us raise the required funds to get Viren out of this life threatening disease.

If you wish to meet us in person for this purpose then any of us (mentioned below) would be more than glad to be available to meet you, whenever you find time.

I / we look forward to your support and thank you in advance for your time.

Yours Truly,

Nikhil Sadanand Wange
(Viren's friend since childhood)

Cheques can be accepted in the name of  "Viren Shah"
OR "Tata Memorial Hospital"

You can also donate by wire transfers crediting into

A/C no: 9100 100 3263 7451
A/C holder: Viren Shah
IFSC: UTIB0000328
Name of the Bank: AXIS Bank, Branch- Andheri East

New a/c (Donations only)

Savings Account Number  -  912010010577759
Bank / Branch   -  Axis Bank, UTHALSAR NAKA, THANE
IFSC Code                 - UTIB0000509

Viren's paypal account -


Go to the Facebook page created by friends


More of Viren's friends :
yogesh kanade<>;
Vikas Gupta<>;<>;
prasoon kakrania<>;
Pritesh Shah<>;
Pavan Dimri<>;
Santosh Vishwakarma<>


  1. Nikhil is a friend of 9yrs and have worked with him for two years.

  2. Dear Readers, please help as this is not a fake / hoax blog. Viren is my friend since childhood. We know each other for almost 25+ years and now he is in despearate need of funds for his treatment. We friends have tried to help him as much as we could but more is needed. Please help us save the life of our friend Viren. God bless you!

  3. Dear Anjali, hope you are feeling better. After reading this from a Wipro friend who is a friend of yours on Facebook and a good friend of mine, I have contributed some amount to help him. I think the only way forward is to spread the word around more and more, one can also appeal to CPAA in Mumbai, they also help raise funds. God bless Viren and Family !

  4. Thank you Anon! You inaugurated the contributions after this post! Pl. flash it in your circle too. Yes and am getting better thanks for inquiring about me.

  5. dear anjali have you checked out with my father he might think of alternative medicine?

  6. Reva, am discussing this case with my Dad too, he feels aleopathy treatment first to save life and then alternative healing which will also help. Sure will talk to Uncle SD too. Most times Dad and Unc think on the same lines.

  7. Rs.50 Laks????oh my God. My maternal uncle is also suffering from Cancer and he is currently under medications. would definitely try to help Anjali. May God bless them.

  8. Yes Sayantani, AML treatment costs are high. All cancer treatment does not cost this much. In 1994 when I lost my Mom to Ovarian Carcinoma we got just 25 days to do anything for her and the treatments costed 1.5 lacs in those days. Fortunately we had insurance and Govt. of Maharashtra's support as my Dad was an employee. Viren's family needs all help possible, any middle class Indian family cannot afford this kind of treatment with their own resources. Appreciate your will to contribute.

  9. Anjali, you and your friends are probably aware of this but I thought I would put it out there anyway. Medical grants are available from Sir Ratan Tata Trust. Maybe one of Viren's friends can help with the application?

    What is the process for finding a bone marrow match? Is there a National Registry or do people have to come forward for testing?

    1. Yes Manisha, I am aware abt the trust and have requested for help just today, from the Tata's medical department where I have friends. The whole application process takes abt 2 months time.

      Abt the process for bone marrow match I'm requesting Nikhil to reply.

    2. Thank you Manisha for your suggestions.

      I'd like to inform you that the process for bone marrow match has been initiated already. The doctors from Tata have sent Viren's samples to US for a universal search from their registry to find the bone marrow donor who is the closest match. We hope to hear from them soon.

    3. That's great news on both fronts! We are registered with the National Registry here in the US. I hope they find a match soon!

      I will spread the word on Twitter about blood donation to those who had offered to help with my m-i-l's heart surgery in August. You can also contact Voluntary Blood Donors by SMS.

  10. Hi Anjali, we will definitely try to do our bit. Would stem cell therapy will be more effective than bone marrow transplant ? Unfortunately we don't have public stem cell banks in India. Maybe friend can check in US / Israel ?

  11. Vinaya refer Nikhil's reply above. Also mailing you separately, could Yogesh help is some way?


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