Friday, September 21, 2012

Bramhani Taat

(Clockwise: Methkut, Beetroot Yogurt, Tomatochi BhaajiGoda Varan on Rice, Ghadichi Poli and Papad)

In the Bramhan homes in Maharashtra the food that is cooked is very simple for an everyday meal. It consists of two carbohydrate components of rice and chapati/ Poli in Marathi. A dal like a simple Goda Varan that you see here or a sweet and sour dal called Aamti which is the source of protein.  A stir fry made with a fresh vegetable. Here you see a Onion and Tomato bhaaji. In some Brahman homes where onions and garlic is not consumed you may find these absent altogether in the food. The salad is called Koshimbir, it has many variations, see here and here. For brightening up the taste buds there is always a chutney wet or dry that you can dip your finger into or a pickle to lick up. Here in the Taat you see the quintessential Marathi dry chutney called Methkut. To give a crunch to the meal a papad is indispensable.

On a festive day the Taat would have a ras bhaaji/ wet curry and a sweet like puranpoli/ kheer/ sheera/ shrikhand

To round off this meal would be a vati/ bowl of buttermilk or Taak.


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