Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Virtual And The Real Friends

I met my blogger buddies last Saturday.

Saee of
P whom I always called ET till we met; of
Harini (a new friendship is planted) of

My first such meet, it felt like we knew each other for years. Yes we did through our blogs so meeting in person was the next natural thing to do. Enjoyed the time we spent together. Lunch at Bangali Mashi's Kitchen followed by coffee at The Stolen Coffee Room across the road. We enjoyed the authentic Bengali Thali and fell in love with the Coffee shop, its colorful blue facade was warm and inviting. Those 5hrs together were filled with laughter, stories and promises to do many more things together.

We exchanged food gifts, I got dried peaches and nectarines from ET (she is visiting from across the globe), Saee gave away Mango chutney and me a quilled card, Koli masala and peanut burfi called badam pak a signature of Thal.

While these are old virtual friendships getting real I had to share it with my real friends who will connect more with me virtually now as I have moved cities.


P.S: Reviews of the joints plus recipes and experiments coming up soon...

Note: No pictures as We respect everyone's privacy.


  1. wow!its always lovely to make and meet friends...i await my turn.

    1. Sayantani remember we were to meet for Durga Pujo at Kormangala and then you moved. Now you are invited to Mumbai, let's meet.

  2. It was so good to meet you all in person! Stay in touch.

    1. Ofcourse yes P! I'll always look fwd to a line from you and I'll do the same. My circle of friends were so happy to read this post on mail and they loved all the captured moments too.

  3. It was such a mad, fun day! We should do it more often!


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