Sunday, May 20, 2012

Growing Pudina

We have this beautiful pot of Mint or Pudina in Indian languages in one of our balconies. This one receives decent sunlight. Here is how my bro Sumeet planted it. He had got a big bunch of mint from the APMC market. Now note that the veggies and herbs that are sold in the APMC market travel atleast 100 kms before they reach the consumer, inspite  of that we got lucky and it grew beautifully.

Here is the 1, 2 3...

  1. Take a pot, we used a 4 litre one. 
  2. Ensure there is a small hole in the bottom of the pot for draining excess water.
  3. Fill with planting soil upto 1 inch below the brim.
  4. Create holes in the soil at the top.
  5. Take cuttings of Pudina/ Mint, we used about just 4 or 5 cuttings which will stand on its own when stuck into the soil. Keep 3-4 leaves at the top for it to survive while it grows new roots on planting.
  6. Sprinkle water to moisten the soil. Do this every day.
  7. Ensure enough sunlight, but not direct. You can keep it under a larger plant for some shade.
  8. End of the month you will find more sprigs have come up and your pot is lush green.

Mint propagates with the help of rhizomes, it is a sterile plant so bears no seeds though you will see flowers. So to grow more Mint best is to provide it more space to grow.  

Harvest : 
Pluck sprigs when you require for garnishing. When you have a lot of mint snip off just the big leaves with a small scissor. Leave the stems in the pot. They will grow roots and leaves at the nodes.

Some uses:

  • Use for garnishing
  • Make a chutney when you have a enough harvest.
  • Brew Mint tea.
  • Chew a few Mint leaves as medicine for getting rid of indigestion.
  • Make MaTha.


  1. just the other day i was thinking of growing mint. i thought i should check if i can get the seeds. i just have one doubt. do the cuttings need to have roots on them before planting?

  2. Nikita they do not need to have roots but they must have few green leaves.

  3. Green and fresh mint leaves,excellent post.

  4. Thanks Anjali ji.
    it's very interesting.


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