Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Dulce de leche and Remembering Jagan Baba

My Ajoba that's my grand dad was a tyrant and that too with the entire village. Any woman passing our house and found not wearing kunku/ tikka would be stopped and questioned, did you eat? If the answer was in the affirmative he would ask, when you remember to eat why did you not remember to put a bindi? The era has gone by...

There was yet another pet question he would ask young women just engaged for marriage, do you know how to boil a coconut? If the woman exposed her ignorance by saying never heard of such a thing, he would  smash the women with the most vicious words but if it was a smart woman and mocked him for asking that question then he would pat the woman's back and bless her.

I remembered my grandpa today as I made this Dulce de leche. It is a dummy's recipe. As easy as boiling a coconut! 

How to make 

Just dump a sealed can of condensed milk in a pressure cooker with water up to 3/4 level of the can, close the lid and put the weight. Simmer. Time is what you watch here, ignore the whistles. I boiled it for 30 mins and got what you see, an almost toffee consistency. 

Next time for a more pourable consistency and lighter shade will boil for just 15 mins.

I used Amul Mithai Mate because it is easy to open by just tugging at the opener ring on the lid unlike Nestle's Milkmaid can which needs a can opener and if you don't have one then you will struggle to cut open the seal. Plus I prefer local products any day.

Now I am looking for suggestion as to what I can make with it. Tarts are playing on my mind.

Ajoba, narol ukadtan kinai mahit nai, pun condensed milk cha dabba mana ukadita yete :)
Jagan baba where ever you are hope you found peace. (Death: 17th Dec 1985)

(It's a message for my grand dad, "Not sure if coconuts can be boiled but I can boil a can of condensed milk)


  1. Hi Anjali, LOL, loved your post :)

    we used to get a sweet called rajmalai outside iur schools - dont know whether you ever encountered them - this instantly reminded me of that... think will come very close.... and i think this will make a great caramel-ly kulfi too, and may be a great filling in a kaju+mawa shell

  2. Yumm, dulce de leche is always my fav spread after nutella,love it.

  3. Hi Anna, would like to pressure cook the can like u did. However, not very sure on your instuctions, do I put the weight on, lower the heat and let it whistle contnously on and off for 15-30 mins or let it cook without the weight? Please clarify, would be very much thankful(or before I blow up the Kitchen!!) Regards from Malaysia, Mrs Singh

    1. Anon, I am Anjali the writer of this blog. Firstly let me clarify your confusion on the name, Anna Parabrahma means Food is Supreme in Sanskrit. Now coming to your query, I an make a correction to the post to mention explicitly the steps. No worries the kitchen won't blow up its only condensed milk that you are boiling :)


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