Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gits Shaahi Gulabjamun

Some time around Dasara I had tried this festive pack of Gits Shaahi Gulabjamun. It's one innovation in product that surprised me when I thought nothing more can be perfected with their regular gulabjamuns that I love. Several times I have hidden pistas in the center of a gulabjamun like they are made at Jhama's, my favorite sweet shop. What more can be done with a classic recipe?

So I guess you must be keen to know what's the innovation? Gits has added powdered nuts and saffron to the mix. 


The Nice : It makes the gulabjamuns richer. Adds nuttiness. Saffron makes it exotic in color and flavor.

The Not so nice: The grainy texture, this is expected but since we are used to smooth gulabjamuns it takes a few Shaahi Gulabjamuns to ignore it.

On the whole I loved this enhancement in the product brought to us by my all time favorite brand for Gulabjamuns. My mother started using Gits in the mid 70s and I have been a fan and user ever since. There are several other brands now but Gits is still is my favorite. Try it out.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review.


  1. wonderful tempting and juicy gulab jamuns.

  2. That 'Jhama' is your favourite sweet shop was a lovely revelation! Used to be mine too - we loved the gulab-jamuns and nothing less would do for us. Of course, as you know, times have changed and now, "we love mysore pak"! There was an equivalent of Jhama in Khar - called Tharu's - another Sindhi sweet shop.

  3. Super juicy jamuns,sooo tempting.


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