Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cherry Tomato And Cilantro Spaghetti With Cumin Tadka

Cherry Tomato And Cilantro Spaghetti With Cumin Tadka served with clear tomato soup 
and Strawberry and Oreo Cups for dessert. 

While buying Strawberries is a must in Mahabaleshwar, spotting a basket full of cherry tomatoes was the most exciting moment for me. The bunches of them with the wine and leaves on can make any city bred go week in the knees. So I bought 4kgs of them to Mumbai. What followed was cherry tomato salads of every kind and them studding our food of every kind. There were pastas made, pizzas decorated and sometimes a boxful were packed to work for snacking on their own.

One evening when I had to rush for my music class I made this quick dinner which was wonderfully light and satisfying. So let me share here this fluke recipe which got a thumbs up from my family.


Spaghetti bundle enough for 4 about 100 gms
30 or more Cherry tomatoes
3 tablespoon olive oil
1.5 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 cup fine chopped cilantro
1 teaspoon red chili powder

First cook the Spaghetti al dente and keep it aside.

Heat the olive oil and turn to high add the cumin seeds when browned add the whole cherry tomatoes. They will burst on high heat to release wonderful juice and cook well. Now add the red chilli powder. Add the chopped cilantro and let it wilt a bit. Follow in with the cooked pasta and toss well to mix and coat the pasta well with the chunky sauce. These cherry tomatoes were quite sweet and gave a wonderful sauciness to the pasta.

Serve hot along with tomato clear soup and dessert to make it a special meal.


  1. Desi pesto! I have visitors over from India right now, and they seemed to have developed an obession for pesto (the basil one) - in pizza, paninis, and pasta, they seem to be ordering it everywhere. I made some at home for a tomato moz salad as well and they loved it too.

    I am going to put this cilantro idea in my file. (Since when did Indians start using the term cilantro, rather than coriander leaves? Sigh, I am frozen in time.)

    1. You can call it that. Yum basil pesto is a fave here too. He he like most who left the country a while ago you will be amused with some things here. Like we call our ice outlets parlors ;)


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