Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Shravan Maasi Harsh Manasi!

This is the opening line of a very famous poem in Marathi. Indeed there is so much to feel happy in the month of Shravan. The month that is densely packed with festivals.

Today is Shravan Maas Shubharambha! The beginning of the auspicious month of Shravan. It's the month of observing abstinance, detoxifying, rituals and numerous festivals. Now that I am in Mumbai and I am experiencing the monsoon is in full swing, it's this time of the season that you see the play of sun and the clouds, as they hide and seek. It is the time of the year when everything is washed clean and lush green. You feel a certain purity in the air. I am flooded with memories from the past, of the women at home fasting, my uncle PJ not shaving, of visiting our favorite Shiv Mandirs on Mondays and Shani Mandirs on Saturdays. Of all the festivals Marathi and Gujarati that have been part of me in my growing up years. As a Marathi I celebrate most but I sorely miss Shitla Satam celebrations which were part of my growing up years in Fort. 

Every community has their own ways of celebration and there is always specific food associated with the rituals. I invite you to share how this month of Shravan is observed in your family. Send me your post at

I am keeping the rules simple.

1. Share how you observe the month in your family.
2. Share a special recipe that is made in this auspicious month. Include a picture.
3. You can post a parallel entry on your own blog and link to this event page.

All entries are welcome but unique entries will be published on Mondays and Saturdays as these are the specified fasting days for this month.

Celebrate the cheer this Shravan!


  1. Sounds wonderful! I will try to send my memories :)


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