Monday, August 05, 2013

Light N Dark Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is a decadent treat for any time and any reason. This recipe is so easy peasy that there can be nothing quicker and indulgent than it. Some times you just need to have these kind of recipes on hand.

This dessert is simple but decadent. Such contradictory characteristics. We see it all the time in this world. 

There is a story in my Guru, Brahmachaitanya Gondavlekar Maharaj's biography, where a lady is sitting with a child in her lap and crying. A person comments, "Lady why are you crying? You have such a chubby baby". To which Shri Maharaj points out to look carefully. To notice that the child is not chubby but the child's body is swollen! Therefore the mother was crying.

People make judgements about others lives all the time based on incomplete information. Recently one of my friend commented that I have become a Maharani who requires to be trailed around by staff. This because my man Friday accompanies me for all my shopping and the kind gentleman carries all my huge bags. This friend is not someone who has known me for life but still good enough for 3-4 yrs. I did not clarify and kept to myself but just felt like saying it here as this is my ranting space. How easily we judge people and I do not want people to judge others wrongly. The fact is I am not allowed to lift too much weight as advised by the doctor. The markets like APMC where I do bulk grocery shopping is not pushcart friendly nor do they have shopping carts there as this is an old world market and not an a/c mall. Else I would have taken my own trolley even then. If my domestic help does not do stuff like carrying my bags for me I will never be able to indulge in the small pleasures of life like shopping. I don't owe clarification to anyone about my choices in life and that they should understand. Anyways moving on...

Well we had two birthdays back to back in the family, I had just made the Coffee Cake Inside Out and no one was in the mood for another cake. I made this epitome of contradictions simple yet delicious Chocolate mousse and filled up petite partyware and slipped it into my SIL's fridge while she was at work. She was thrilled to bits on seeing it when she returned home. 

When we sat down to enjoy it we found it extremely rich due to cream and obviously needed to be worked off after the indulgence. Next time I will fill  those glasses only halfway whether I make single layered or double layered mousse.

4 cups Amul fresh cream
200 gms Dark Chocolate
100 gms Milk chocolate
1 cup sugar
3 teaspoons instant coffee
Chopped pistachios for garnish

Fluff the sugar and cream to stiffness and till all the sugar blends with the cream. Use an electric beater. Keep aside.

Microwave the dark chocolate for 40 secs in one bowl and the milk chocolate in another.

Divide the cream equally in the two chocolate bowls. Divide the coffee equally in the two bowls. Mix well to homogenise. That will give you the dark chocolate layer and the milk chocolate your light layer.

Fill petite serve ware first with dark layer and top with the light layer. Garnish with chopped pistachios. This recipe serves 8 very generous portions.

Chill is the fridge for atleast 2-3 hrs before serving. 

Serve with long spoons to dig into the deep layers and enjoy the licks!


  1. After I injured my right hand and back in an accident a few years back, life has never been the same. I do not write anything on my blog except that I am taking breaks due to health reasons. Still rude people .. recently I refused one not to use my writings ... leave lines like "I'll leave you to your issues. It is good you are suffering" ... etc. etc.
    People do not realise what a gift they have ... good health.
    Ignore them Anjali. Someday they'll realsie and take inspiration from you. :-)
    Those tiles and the mousse match so well! :-)

    1. Yes Sharmila, I know you never talk about your health, infact you maintained a dignified silence even when I enquired about it. Makes me wonder from where these people come, who can be so mean! I am very sure you must have been polite while not permitting the use of your writing. You just exercised your right. The true colours of the person came out when you refused. Hope such people improve. About the tiles You noticed that! :)

      Wish you better health and calmness in mind like you always reflect.

  2. You are such a large hearted Leo Anjali, you always care so much about your loved ones, and love to share generously. Ignore pettiness Anjali, dont give up any mindspace for negativity when there is so much happiness, love and positivity to give and receive.

    1. Vinaya all the things you mention have led me into trouble in the recent past. I am generous and loving with everyone, I am not good at judging people, whether they are deserving. Rather I think that my love and kindness will change the undeserving. But Alas!

      Yet inspite of some such people, there is my family who is my superb support and friends like you who stand by me. Yes and this one incident is just a petty thing, I have purged it out here and I shall move on.

  3. Looks like a chocolate lovers delight! You always come up with such inspiring ideas with the simplest of things. Your SIL is one lucky lady to find this in her fridge after work.

    Now off I need to go and find 7 other chocolate indulgers. :)

    1. ET yes this dessert sure needs company to enjoy and to work it off too. Plus you will require actually 15 more indulgers. These portions are very rich we ate that single serve in two sessions :P If you do make it make smaller serves. This idea is good but not a heart friendly recipe. Need to make a lighter version and post it here.


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