Friday, November 08, 2013

The Green Balcony Is Back As The Window Grill Box

Are you done with Diwali indulgences? I am. So today lets not talk about food.

Ever since I returned to Mumbai, I wake up to the chirping of the birds and a view of the Gulmohor. A priceless view especially when the Gulmohor is ablaze in the summers. It was not like this when we bought this home in 1995 but our neighborhood green initiatives have fruitioned. 

Introducing a new label here, the "Window Grill Box". The Green Balcony that saw me adopting so many environmentally conscious activities and successfully making them a part of my everyday life in a city, is now back in the form of a Window Grill Box. 

The last time I posted about growing greens was in May. That is when the renovation in my home started and it went on for 2.5 months. I was lucky that I was able to move some of my plants to my bro's side of the home. So when The Window Grill Box was ready I did not really start from scratch. Yes but it has taken time to get back to its glory.

Except the change in structure nothing much changed in that area. The Green balcony had the Daily dump unit and it still stand at the right end. Now it's a Bay window where I can sit and talk to my plants and nurture them. Those colorful jars are my Diwali decor. The Terracotta bell has moved to the right end from the left, and the left is not bare...

Right to left: The Daily Dump KhambaChavali creeper, Brahmakamal, Peace lily, in the wooden crate Tur and lemon grass, sitting on it spot the bird feeder. The last are tomato saplings that are growing fast and I can't wait for the harvest, everyday I whisper to them to hurry up!

The leftside view reveals a money plant, a pumpkin creeper that has flowered well but no fruit yet. Then you have more tomato saplings, Jalapenos in the tall porcelain pot. More Chavali creepers and tomatoes. Hanging from the roof are two new elements I added a decor lantern which is a copy of the Petromax of a bygone era and a wind chime that reverberates in the silence of my home.

The Window Grill Box in the living room is smaller, but we have a lovely green view of the Gulmohor and its great to see lots of birds nesting in the benevolent branches. That middle seat is my perch every evening with the new binoculars that I bought just to watch them. Yeah but I haven't been too lucky to show you some clicks, but there will be more lucky days to come I hope.

Outside that window in the grill box this is what you will see...

The hibiscus on the left
Lemon grass, more Jalapenos, Curry leaf plant.

While my side of the home has undergone change my bros side continues to bloom. You saw it here and here.

Now that you are introduced to the Window Grill Box rather boxes do come back to read on what's making my home green.

Annaparabrahma's green journey in pics is available here.


  1. Such a lovely view - the effort and love going in is so intense... super job !!!

    1. Kahich nahi ga, I would have loved more space!

  2. Gosh- I really really love that grille almost covering the whole wall, brings the outdoors in.

    1. You said it Nupur! that was the idea. I love nature and this is the closest any Mumbaikar can get to it.

  3. I love the grill box. This is the kind of 'netra-sukh' one wants in the city!
    The living room in my parents home ( in Navi Mumbai) has a view of a smallish hill ( chotishi tekdi) which is always green and in the monsoon has tinkling little waterfalls gushing here and there, so peaceful.

    1. You are so right, having grown up in congested Colaba and Fort and later in lush green Tata colony, I craved for greenery in the newly built Nerul. It's taken 18yrs to build this green cover and how I love it. Even though I was in the greener part of Blr for 7yrs my immediate neighbourhood has just a few trees. Must show you guys my neighborhood someday. I love the description of your parent's area. Punha aalis ki apun bhetoo!

  4. Lovely views!
    I love greenery...

    Thank you so much for sharing these pictures...

  5. Hi Anjali, I’d love to know how you keep your growing plants in the window grill insect-free and neat, considering how many boxes look messy from runny soil residue that collects at the bottom of the pots.

    1. I spray very light solution of detergent to keep insects and plant infections away.


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