Saturday, February 14, 2015

Strawberry Soft Melting Hearts

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's a mad kind of a day today. I am hosting a couple for lunch. Its a special meal for the lovers, the wife is spoiling her husband silly. I thought I'll make for them, these Strawberry Soft Melting Hearts. Inspired by the Smitten Kitchen.

Sometime ago, a blogger friend and co-IFBMer Anand of Magic Marinade recreated this cake from the Smitten Kitchen and it just set a cascade effect on all other blogger buddies, a movement of sorts, literally! We all made and posted pics for everyone to see on FB and some posted on their blogs too. It was such fun bonding making the same cake in kitchens across the world, take a look here..

Happy Valentine's to all the people reading this blog, those who take all the trouble of interacting with me. Those who encourage me. I love you all!

Happy Valentine's to those who have found their Valentine, for those who are looking and mostly for those who are too harsh on themselves. Love your special someone and love the people around you and love yourself, for God's sake!

Do you see a heart?

Heart Melt !!!!!

I wear my heart on my sleeve always whether it is my family, a special one or even myself. I have a mushy soft heart and these cup cakes are so me.

Enjoy your day today and everyday!

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