Saturday, February 07, 2015

Wooden Masher


I was in Gondavale for the Punyatithi utsav in Dec. This is the time when the road in front of the Sansthan blooms with local produce and products. While innumerable shops selling Kandi peda are roaring with business, there are small artisans selling their wares on the streets. One has to be able to spot them and my hawk eye for local products ain't going to miss it. I saw a woman selling wood crafted traditional Kitchen tools. On checking what this mace like tool was I bought all 6 available ones back with me to Mumbai. On Facebook when I teased friends with them they were a rage!

Finally I got 100 pieces made.

Even as all those who bought wondered what to do with it. I dug out a little on its origins in the traditional kitchen and its uses in a modern one.

In Satara, this wooden masher is predominantly used to smash fresh green chilies along with garlic and salt and make Thecha which is ubiquitous meal accopaniment in these parts. Besides this garlic is crushed with it and used for seasoning. May be sometimes ginger too is mashed with it and added to the boiling tea. Basically anything can be mashed with it, cardamom, nutmeg. The long handle gives a good grip. The woman told me that it would be great for mashing Pav bhaaji, ofcourse yes!

Then when I brought it home I found it very useful to extract juice and pulp from fruits while I was making the jelly. The wooden masher ensures an unadulterated taste unlike the metal masher that leaches a bit of metal into the food you are processing. 

Yes and it serves as a nutcracker too, nutmegs in shell, walnut, pistas, etc.

Taking care of the wooden masher:

The wooden masher should be washed and oiled after use everyday. Wood stays sturdy and shinny when oiled well. Once you are done with using the masher for the day just dab some oil on your palms and rub into to masher like a massage. This will save it from chipping.

Ever since I brought it home and gave a place to it on my counter, visitors to my kitchen invariably pick it up and admire the craftsmanship and ask me where they can buy it.

This masher is crafted by the artisans in Satara and brought to you by AnnParabrahma at your doorstep. Buy it now on the Eshop.

By patronizing us you are helping small businesses in the villages of India.

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