Friday, May 08, 2015

A Fun Wall Makeover

Finished wall in flat 4hrs

Marked by heavy Monsoons

In May 2013 I renovated my home and just 2 months later came a heavy monsoon. Mumbai monsoons are notorious. The heavy lashing on outer wall of the bedroom gave us a patchy, musky wall. When friends and family visited my home, everyone would sigh sadly at that wall. It was the first thing that was noticed by everyone in a newly done up home. I lived with it for almost 2 years and finally decided to fix the problem. Last year the society got all the repairs for the cracks on the outer walls done. However I did not want to paint the wall again. I wanted something different. I was looking for a quick solution and wall paper seemed the right choice.

Off I went straight to the Flipkart’s Home Store section.They have a whole range of Wall decor, stickers, posters, painting, shelves, hang-ons etc. in addition to wallpapers.

I chose the Puffin FL87308 (MultiColor) PVC wallpaper. It was a nice design and washable too. Pasting it up on the wall sounded easy. My bedroom wall size is 230 cms ht X 335 cms width with an a/c outlet in the middle. I quickly checked the size of the wall paper. It was 10 mts in size and got a clarification from flipkart that it was 53 cms in width. Which meant I would need 2 rolls of the wallpaper to cover the surface area of my bedroom wall.

The ordering was easy. I checked out the item and paid online. The notifications from Flipkart informed me about the processing of the order, dispatch and delivery at every stage.

After I placed the order I called in for the wall paper worker to tell me if there was any preparation involved for the wall. They said they would do it themselves. I was away for a wedding when the wall paper was delivered at my home. Dad got the wallpaper pasted while I was away. As decided he arrived with the tools and glue at 3pm and by 7 pm they were done with the wall makeover project. I was co-ordinating everything over the phone. The excitement was mounting...

Since the wall was stained and powdery due to leak in the monsoons, the wall was first scraped and touched up with white cement. Then each sheet was aligned to get continuous design. Finally the wall paper was glued and pasted and finished in flat 4 hrs!

I was all excited to see the bedroom wall when I came back today. I quite liked the wall makeover and it was so easy to do that my Dad who is a senior citizen could manage the project for me in my absence.

The before and after pictures of the bedroom wall had to be done! What say ? 

I think wallpaper makeovers are a lot of fun for a quick change that you want to bring about in your home decor and quite affordable too! 

Have you done any projects for a quick make over? Tell me about it, it would be lovely to hear your stories.

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