Monday, September 21, 2015

Ganpati 2015

The morning pooja, abhishek with Atharvashirshya chanting

While we were away in Bangalore for 7years I would miss the family Ganpati. So my father started this new tradition on my request of doing a pooja on Ganesh Chaturthi. We have a pancha dhatu Ganpati idol that we offer Pooja only on this day and then it goes back to its mantle after the uttar pooja in the evening. I follow many family traditions but this one is truly my own.

Here is all the food that happened along with the poojan ...

Half day, fasting feasting begins with chopped apple with condensed milk, after the pooja.

 Microwave Sabudana khichadi, Batata Kees, Kokum coconut chutney and curd for the late afternoon meal.

 The evening pooja, uttar pooja

Naivedya in the evening, Modak - mango pulp in the cover and regular jaggery coconut filling inside, Top left Keshar pista Shrikhanda, Left bottom Goad shev, Top right Motichoor ladoo (bought out) and bottom right Alepaak pohe.
There was varan bhaat toop and green coconut coriander chutney too, see pic above. 

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