Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Catch me on the Mumbai Episode of The Great Indian Rasoi 2

 Koli episode

I am assuming you read about my exciting experience on the making of the Mumbai Episode of The Great Indian Rasoi 2. Sharing here the video.

The link is now available on Living foods

Suranga Date has written an ode to the episode, a poem for the smashing Chef Ranveer Brar and one for me too!

तेलात चकाकले शुभ्र कांदे ,
हळूहळू झाले सोने ,
जणू मावशीन्च्या नाकी चमके

साग्रर मोत्याची नथ;
फटाकड्या हिरव्या मिरच्या
तुटून पडती त्याञ्च्यावर ,
आणि कुणा एका ब्रारला ठसका लागताच,
मावशी मान डोलवून ,
गळ्यातलं चाचपडून,
टीव्ही क्यामेरा कडे बघून
"अगोबाय !" हसू पडे …
अंजलीचा हात लागताच
"इश्श, मी येतच होते…" म्हणत
स्वतःला त्यात झोकून देणारी वांगी ,
स्वादात डुंबत आतुरतेने
कोळीमची वाट बघणारे सगळे ,
कोळी मसाल्याच्या होडीच्या
तवा वापसीचा अपूर्व जल्लोष;
आणि मग कोवळ्या पण जबाबदार
हिरव्या कान्दापातीचे आगमन ,
आणि त्यांचे बोट धरून
हट्टाने टीव्ही वर आलेले कोकम .

सर्वांवरी एक झाकण ,
आसमंतात मावशीनचा फुललेला चेहरा,
एक दणदणीत वाफ
झाके मावशीनचा चष्मा.

गोड तांदुळाचे वडे
वाट बघती 
परवानगीसाठी बघती अन्जलीकडे .

आणि कोळी बांधवांचे अदरातिथ्य बघूंन
अन्जलीचे कौतुक करून
ब्रार भारावून जातो,
देवा  खंडोबा
समाधानाने सागराकडे एक दूर कटाक्ष
म्हणतात ,
"मी अनेकदा टीव्ही वर 
आलो रे ,
पण सर्वाना घेउन अंजली आली ,
फार छान वाटलं !"
White onion slivers
glistening in hot oil,
with a tinge of 
pale polished  gold,
like the Pearly nosering
adorning Mavshee's nose;

Item number mirchis
rushing in
all cut up and 
doing their stuff,
causing a Brar to cough,
and a Mavshee to nod
and crack up,
quickly adjust her necklace,
and surprise the camera
with a heartfelt "Agobaya!"....

And the brinjals,
falling on to the tawa
at the slightest Anjolian nudge,
waiting and sizzling
for the tiny shrimp, 
inebriated with water.

The celebrated Tawa Wapasi
of the Koli Masala,
spicing and saffronizing it all,
and they agitate and stir
as streaks and cuts 
of green onion,
lugging some Kokam 
enter the scene. 

A great cooking 
behind closed lids,
steaming and tearing,
and the shrimp are done
amidst a  clouding 
of the specs of a Mavshi 
checking it out 
and waiting for it all...

A thrilling welcome from
Sweet Rice Wadas
impatient to hold close
the shrimp masala.

And as the Brar sits,
biting into 

the wada and the shrimp,
with the Koli Hospitality,
the resplendent Khandoba
watching it all,
looks at a shining sea
in the distance,
and says,
" You know what,
I've been on TV many times,
but this one
with Anjali and friends
is special indeed !

I am so happy about the rave response the episode has received from the audience.Would love to hear what you think about it.

 Have fun!


  1. Thanks for the link, Anjali. It was a pleasure seeing the episode. I Loved seeing you and listening to you speak, you sound so pleasant I could have happily watched the entire episode with just you talking and demonstrating koli recipes. :-) Hope that too happens someday. The aaji's in the video are too cute, loved the dance and remembered a video of another aaji dancing which you had shared years ago on this blog.

    1. Thank you Preeti! you have a very good memory :)


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