Thursday, October 08, 2015

THE ESSENCE OF ESAVAN : August 14, 2015 on IFN

This article talks about the love hate relationship of Koli with vegetables. How the Kolis convert the much hated vegetables to loved ones by cooking them in classic combinations with fish. The recipe featured in the article is a delicious combination of tiny shrimps with brinjals. Which is a popular combo in continental cooking too. 

“Kolis eat vegetarian food?” asked a surprised Mumbai friend. It is strange that many believe that we don’t eat vegetables at all. Truth be told, we love our veggies, but only with Esavan. 
When a Koli man is told that there’s some vegetable on the day’s menu, he will cringe and jowl without fail, half-pleading and half-authoratively ordering the woman of the house to add some esavan to the vegetarian dish. Esavan means essence in Koli, and it simply implies that the ‘essence’ of some fish (wet or dry) has to be added into the vegetable dish. - Read more at:

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