Saturday, December 31, 2016

Vasai Kala Krida Mohotsav 2016

VASAI KALA KRIDA MOHOTSAV was started 26 years ago in 1990 with the aim of increasing the awareness about the arts and sports. Today it has grown into a huge banyan tree from the first sapling that they planted. This year the celebrations started on the 26th Dec'2016 and will conclude today, 31st Dec'2016.

I feel truly honored to be invited to judge the Salad decoration competition even if it meant going to the other end of the city. The venue is the Chimaji Appa Ground for the sports and New English High school opposite the ground for all art and cultural activities.

I was going to Vasai after 2 decades so decided it was good time to catch up with friends. Our friends the Phatak's swished us to their home. It is so serene a village so close to Mumbai that no one wants to move out from there. For all the 30-35 years Phatak was working at Sachivalay with my father he did "up-down" in Mumbai parlance even though it was hard for him to commute. There are many Vasaikars like him. This area is culturally rich and blessed with natural beauty and has proximity to the sea. The denizens of Vasai village are proud of their heritage and have taken good care of it.

 The beautiful surroundings of Phatak's home. 
You see him plucking a magnolia for me. Incredibly sweet!

When I finally went to the venue we got to watch this power packed and invigorating dance, The Dangi Nitrya. It reminded me of my nephew's performance when he was a school boy on this same stage.

After couple of dances we were led to the venue of the Salad decoration competition. Participants started flowing in and started working on their carving and executing the idea. Kavita my friend and business associate was also invited to judge. We read the rules and set parameters accordingly for scoring.

As they worked we chatted them up on what they were creating and if they had prepared a few things and then brought to the venue. A few of them had done it. So we noted that obviously those who created everything from scratch at the venue scored more. A lady had made amazing tasting cooked corn n paneer salad but was not plated properly neither was there creativity in the decoration, so we told her how she needs to work on the decoration skills. There was one participant who made a quinoa salad with basil pesto but the pesto killed the salad. Also while she highlighted quinoa as healthy grain she used dyed desiccated coconut for decoration. The items used in decoration were not included in the tasting salad, that is not how it should be. One girl made colorful flowers in a lake theme which looked very pretty but the raita did not match the beauty in taste. Another had done excellent assembly of the salad but the carving was done at home. So she lost the chance to top the competition. After every event the results were announced and prizes awarded immediately. 

This was the top entry. Everything was done at the venue and the Mexican salsa tasted good too.

A big thank you to Archana Arte for inviting me for this mohotsav. Psst...You must watch her new show on Youtube 'Ruchkar Mejwani With Archana Karwar Special' 6th January onward every Friday!

After the event we decided to check out the Rangoli competition which was outstanding. Here are some of the most fascinating entries.

The most revolting rangoli for vegetarians and animal lovers. It was so real that I took a step back shocked by it. Yet I appreciate the amazing skill of the creator!

I wanted to feel that cloth!


This entry was totally awe inspiring and my most favorite!

With that signing off for this year on a very foodie note and see you in the new year. Hoping to bring you lots of entertainment through my blog and activities.

Wish you and yours a delicious food filled year ahead!

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