Saturday, December 17, 2016


 Part I :

With the flick of my finger I picked it up from a tiny single serve jar she had brought it in, and a close look told me it was not an achaar but a chutney. But then Bawas do everything differently. They call it Lagan nu achaar. Their achaars are mostly made with cane sugar and mustard oil or may be a neutral oil in the modern day. If compromised on these, the taste is not the same. For a community that learnt to eat pickles after landing in India, they have created a lovely variety of achaars of their own... Read more

In this part you also get to meet our Queen pickler Zinobia Schroff. Yeah she is on my Eshop.

Part II

In the first part of the series on Parsi pickles, we talked about the history and traditions of pickling in the community. It introduces you to the whole range of Parsi pickles: Gharab nu achaar, Methia nu achaar, Bafenu, Lagan nu achaar or Gajar mewa nu achaar, Kolmi nu achaar, Tarapori patio, Vengna nu achaar etc. Read more

The best news is that all these PICKLES are available only a click away. If you want to cook up a full fledged Parsi meal at home, then you must try our fantastic range of Parsi  MASALAS, dhansak Dhana Jiru , Garam masalas too.

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