Saturday, July 13, 2019

Bread Baking with Me

Bread 101
1. Working with yeast.
2. Types of yeast
3. Proofing
4. Effect of liquid 
5. Temperatures
6. Types of breads Sandwich loaf, Mumbai pao, Brun and masala breads.

Assorted breads 
1. Pretzels
2. Foccassia
3. Fougasse
4. Pita bread

Price for these will be ₹3000 per session. Not more than 4 people in a batch.

Day 1: Bread 101
Practice at home for 1 week.
Day 2: Assorted breads class

Confirm seat by paying in advance. 

Bread Baking with me is not just about learning to work with yeast and creating beautiful breads. It is also about sharing a meal together. The class starts at 10 am so as we work we work up our hunger we take a break as the bread is proofing and have lunch of whatever we bake. We talk about menu creation for a party with bread at the center of it. You also take back home everything that you bake so your family can taste and you can show off your new learning. Come join me.

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