Sunday, October 04, 2020

A Spiritual Sunday

Today after a long time I felt really happy from within. I woke up before dawn and that is unusual for me. After which I brushed my teeth and did my 45mins walk inside the home. I have been doing this since lockdown started. It has helped me stay fit. My usual habit is to chant while walking. After the walk I stood in the balcony to enjoy the first rays of the sun and the blue hour until the streetlights went off. I chanted Gayatri mantra 3 times followed by Maha Mrityunjay mantra 5 times. The sprays of rain coming through the side windows of the balcony cooled my skin. After long time I had risen from the hopelessness I had felt in the past few weeks.

Blogger buddy a cook @ heart suggested I get back to music. Music happens when the mood is right. That was today. I got back to music 2 years after Arvi. Even after our marriage music was only light songs I never really sang my Hindustani classical raag. This morning I did a good 30 to 40 mins practice. I need to brush up but felt good to get back. Singing Itan Na Joban par maan na kariye, Dariye prabhu so aaj aali, Jo koi aave apne dhingwa, Taa so garab na keejiye, Sadarang yaha reet mane. The amazing thing is if one does riyaz the music stays with you through the day. Our culture our music everything is so science based. I want to learn everything I missed learning about it in my convent education. I want to fill up that hollow.

Today is Day #198 of self lockdown. Both Dad and me do not go out unnecessarily. There is no point in being foolhardy. The mind is an amazing thing it finds ways to be happy in the given situation. Amidst the physical restrainment we still count our blessings.


  1. So glad to read that you are doing riyaaz again.
    And you’re so right about not going out, unnecessarily. Sad state of affairs, but better safe than sorry.

    1. Thanks to you! There will be better times. Let's look forward to it.


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