Sunday, October 18, 2020

Navratri and Navrang

Is it strange coincidence or serendipity, that I have Rainbow Swiss chard at home right now. We Indians find the divine and its actions in everything! 

So here is my Navratri and Navrang.

What do you do with such pretty colorful produce? If you are like me you think they are a set of color pencils and you play with it but in a different way. Photography your medium. It is Rainbow Swiss Chard morning here.

Navrang means new color and also 9 colors. This season adds all that to our life as the monsoon is ending. Everything is lush green and flowers are blooming. In nature usually bright colors are poisonous but not in Rainbow Swiss chard. Now that I have eaten it I know. He he and you can eat it safely too. So here is to busting that myth.

Things I plan to do with it

1. Salad with the torn leaves and grated coconut.
2. Crudités with labneh
3. A cheesy tart

I want the colors to shine.

Happy Navrangi Navratri to you all and may the mother bless us!

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