Thursday, September 13, 2007

Moogache Puran

This is what Kolis love to eat when they fast. Another zatpat one adapted in my kitchen. So the recipe too is somewhere here. I made it on a whim for visitors who were just touching and going. The kande pohe were ready. Dad came to ask "What sweet are you serving?"

Sweet!!! Ok I'll make something. What time are they reaching? In 30 mins.

I had some green lentils soaked for 1 hr about 1 cup. Put them in a cooker and pressure cooked for 10 mins with water submerging them completely with a tablespoon of ghee and a 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Cooled the cooker and opened it added some grated coconut. How much you ask? One handful. The jaggery, don't forget it else we cant call it a sweet. 1/2 cup of jaggery goes in. Keep stiring on heat till it forms a sticky something we call puran.

Its healthy I say as my guests come in. "We could smell the jaggery and ghee on the street itself".

Wah! its nice and gooey is the verdict.

Comfort food is what it can be called.


  1. Delicious Anjali! Happy Gowri-Ganeshana habba.
    Enjoyed yoor post at Bee's.My grandfather's coffee estate is 12 miles from Belur and he has a house in Belur for kids' school and college.I played in that Temple every summer!:)

  2. This is a very healthy sweet..very interesting too.

  3. My mother makes this somtimes, but we call it cherupayar payasam.
    It is a nice looking mountain

  4. Healthy too. Is it sticky and caramel-y?

  5. Add coconu milk to this, and ou get my favourite indian sweet - pradhaman.

  6. Asha yes I read your comment on Jugalbandi. I understand its very nostalgic for you :).

    HC is that Tamil?

    Suganya the closest resemblance is to Nougat.

    Bee Yeah I know you love pradhaman, how can I forget the jackfruit pradhaman you showed us and I thought it was masala tea!

    Pooja its quite a simple one.

  7. this version looks healthy and yum.I liked your post at jugalbandi. lovely pics.

  8. hi comment got gobbled up :( ...

    i was saying... this doesnt look like its sweet dish...will def try it...

  9. Rachna you did get tricked din't you ;)!


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