Thursday, September 06, 2007

Spicy Paratha

Spicy paratha with Chunda, Moramba and mango pickle

What would be an express meal if not parathas. Wholesome, tasty and quick is what defines parathas. I'm talking about homemade parathas!

In our busy lives we sometimes don't want to go shopping for groceries, want to make something really tasty without too many hassles. Sometimes you want to use up the chapathi dough that has been in the fridge for a while and never seems to finish. Sometimes a kid wants to make his/her own meal. This paratha is for just those days.


1 cup wheat flour

3/4 cup water

salt to taste

1 big pinch of asafoetida

1 tablespoon oil

1/4 teaspoon red chili powder

1/8 teaspoon turmeric powder

2 teaspoons sesame seeds

2 tablespoons any fresh herb like coriander, fenugreek, chives etc

Knead the wheat flour with water and salt to get a pliable dough. If you have leftover chapati dough begin from here. Put all the ingredients together and knead into the dough. Make a big chapathi of all the dough, smear it with oil and roll into a spiral. Cut out two inch pieces of spirals like shown here.

Press them flat and roll out the parathas. Roast them on a gridle on both side. Apply ghee or oil of your choice to get well roasted ones. They smell divine and taste even better. Serve them with assorted pickles n preserves or with just plain curd. I bet you will enjoy them.

Bal I think this is easy ain't it?


  1. Hey Anjali, its good to have a daily dose from your kitchen :).. and thts a great meal in itself - Fast, wholesome and quite foolproof :)

  2. hey Vinaya ! How have you been? where are you now?

    Yeah my bro needs some easy stuff so trying to put some real easy everyday recipes. He is fed up of eating out.

  3. i shud have made that clear in my recipe I guess. U shud use ripe yet firm bananas. Not too ripe, otherwise they become squishy..

  4. hey thanks Nags I know I'm going to love them ;).

  5. OH YUM!!! Dough itself is good enough to eat!:))

  6. I love jhat pat stuff like this!! Too good!!

  7. Hi Anjali, first time here..I love your enthusiasm for food, same as me!!

    and I love parathas too..just posted about mung-dal parathas yesterday:)

  8. i make these and i love them.....

  9. That looks delicious.. quick and easy..

  10. the paratha looks simple and easy to make. loved your combination of pickles with it.

  11. Asha may be an icecream with spicy paratha dough will sound exciting (inspired by cookie dough icecream). Kidding.

    Manasi N Mansi...I was confused for a bit. Mansi welcome here. Hope you enjoy yourself.

    Rajitha same pinch!

    Kamini, Sharmi do try them straight of the tava.


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