Monday, February 25, 2008

Hittu, Idli In A Jackfruit Leaf Basket

Yesterday a typical Sunday morning I was barely out of bed and the phone rang. Irrespective of the day we wake up early so a call at this time of the day makes both of us jump a little bit. It was Vidya Auntie at the other end, though she lives about 10 mins walking distance from our home she visits us just once in a while and she had just come over recently so I was surprised to hear her voice at the other end. She announced don't make breakfast today, I'm getting something for you. I was thrilled, I am not used to such pampering. Not to make breakfast on a Sunday morning and this showering of affection is something I have completely forgotten about. All those married ladies and those who have lost their Mom will understand this.

In a few mins. She almost ran up the stairs with a box filled with these beauties. WOW! I had only seen pictures of these idlis over here and followed the pictorial for making these baskets with Jackfruit leaves. At work I had eaten banana leaf wrapped ones but not these. Hittu in kannada/ konkani literally means batter. Only loving mothers can take so much trouble to make the baskets and steam these special idlis. It is to differentiate between the regular idlis and these it is called Hittu.

I am truly touched by Vidya Auntie's gesture and even more thankful to Uncle who drove her to our home so it would reach us hot straight out of the steamer. Currently her daughter is visiting her with the kids, so this speciality was churned out. It means a lot to me to know that they came home to deliver the first batch for me even though they had grandkids around. Fortunately I had baked a second batch of Choco Walnut Cake - II just the previous night for all those friends who did not get from my Valentines Day one, so thats what went back for the kids.

She now understands me so well and the crazy food blogger that I am, she got along a pretty chutney bowl to make lovely pictures. She knew I would take pictures of course! :). What she didn't know is I would ask her and Uncle to pose for a picture.

Thank you Uncle and Auntie for this surprise and all your love! Its been 14 years since I enjoyed this kind of pampering.

For all you guys out there the recipe is simple. Just your regular idli batter steamed in those dron/ baskets.

The leaves keep the idlis incredibly soft for two days. Yes We had those for 2 breakfasts :) as we could never eat so much in one go even though we wake up hungry these days.


  1. Awwww, and more awwww. What a sweet post, Anjali.

  2. Ohh u got to taste those? Aren't they little baskets of heaven? I absolutely love them. Its been so long..I hope I get to eat loads of them when we visit India.

  3. That is such a sweet gesture from your uncle and aunt! WE call it 'khotte' in Konkani and it is a treat to have them. Do you ever find jack fruit leaves here in US?

  4. Oh You are so lucky. what a thoughtful gesture. Like u said, readymade breakfast on a weekend is heaven. The idlis look yummy and love the chutney container. And uncle aunty look so sweet.

  5. Hi Anjali,

    I've blogged your Jackfruit Idli as a model recipe in the 1001 Quickie Breakfast cookbook at

    /Thanks for the pictures


  6. wow...wht a lovely post. My mom makes v frequently since we have a jacfruit tree in the backyard but i am missing this sooooo much.

  7. It's been ages since I have eaten these. We call it "Khotte". I love to eat them with coconut chutney and coconut oil. And jackfruit leaves impart that wonderful flavour....I am drooling!! Wonderful post, Anjali! You made my day!:-)

  8. Shilpa ...yes I enjoyed them a lot :).

    Ramki thanks!

    Meera its always easy to make someone's day when someone makes your day...Gee... Coconut oil?

  9. Wow!!! That sure was a nice gesture....u r one lucky gal...

  10. Hey ! Is this the same Vidya aunty who got God appe for you ? so very sweet of her

  11. Vinaya yes its her and she is from our big family too :).

  12. Is Vidya Aunty planning to visit US anytime soon? Let me know :)


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