Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Orange Cup Yogurt

served with Sunday Lunch

The weekend treat for being good during the week and following the diet plan I mentioned in the last post. Last weekend I made Aloo Parathas with ghee, ketchup and pickle, Tomato N Corn Rice and Orange Cup Yogurt for desert.

This is a very easy to make desert and is ready in a jiffy. It can be prepared before hand for visitors and served chilled on a sunny day.


1/2 liter curd

1 orange

Sugar as per taste

Hang the curd in a muslin cloth for 15-30 mins until it is thick and reduced to 1/4 liter. Remove the curd to a jar and blend with a hand blender or whip it up in the mixie. Use sugar if you like it. I skipped it but added 2 teaspoon for Dad's cup.

Cut the orange at the equator to get two cups. Loosen the wedges, remove the threads and save the empty orange cups. I used one Valencia orange. Squeeze out the juice of half the orange and loosen the segments of the other. Mix in the curd both the juice and segments. Keep some segments to sprinkle on the top. Since Valencia orange is a sweet orange it blended well with curd.

Serve the orange flavored yogurt in the empty orange cups that we saved. This is a very refreshing desert and low cal too.


  1. Hey ..

    Nice blog....

    really refreshing ..... nice one

  2. that would do well as a smoothie too! but I loved the cute cup:)

  3. wow ! thats completely new for me ,
    thanks a lot for sharing anjali .

  4. yummm!!! LOve the ideaof orange flavored yogurt... Looks really good!

  5. I like flavored yoghurt. A good serving tip too!


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