Thursday, March 27, 2008

Announcing Swachchanda

Swachchanda in Sanskrit means a free spirit. Actions controlled by the soul. This defines me therefore my travel dairy gets the name. Check it out here.

To begin with I will be publishing my travel notes from the recent trip to the North East of India every weekend. I wrote everyday after returning to the hotel and during travel, on the train and in the waiting rooms at railway stations documenting my experiences.


  1. hope to see some interesting places and pics!:) good luck with this gal:)

  2. waiting for a trip to North India through ur post

  3. Hope to know a lot about India atleast this way!!!! I wasnt a traveller when in India...

  4. Anjali!!
    Can't wait to read your memoirs, It will be a pleasure to see through your eyes!!!


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