Friday, March 28, 2008

A WOW Quarter!

The Eco-bag is a canvas tote with a green floral design and the simple choices for better life and environmental conservation. Also you see brand Darjeeling, a picture of the toy train that I rode during the holidays.

I wanted to write about this for a long time but since it was very personal and emotional I took time to put it up here.

Beginning of this quarter I completed 5 yrs in my Organization. I reflect that I have been lucky when it comes to the roles I played and that I was able to build my circle of influence. There have been people who believed in me, people who saw in me more than I told them. People who stood behind me. If you guys are reading this. A Big Thank You! from the bottom of my heart.

It all began a month before the 5Th anniversary, the first mail saying my data is being cleaned up:). As if I would not guess! Then asking for a new photograph for a new work id. My Group Manager started his goofy calls asking me for the names of people still in the organization and who have worked with me. I knew why he wanted it ;). I have moved between companies in my org so I gave him a big list of the relationships and names. The excitement just built on.

On the day of my anniversary I got my new id card with a new picture that I had submitted and a bright new red tag that denoted 5 yrs of association. As a traveller the thrilling part was a mail allowing me to choose a holiday destination of my choice anywhere in India for 2 nights paid by the Company. I took time and chose Darjeeling. (I added few more destinations on my own and extended the holidays to a 10 day enchanting journey that I am just back from). I said WOW!

Shrinidhi took great efforts to collect sound bytes from my colleagues and friends and read it out during the celebrations, while he handed out the tokens for long service from the org. My throat ached and I could barely thank him. I want to thank through this post all of you who sent in the sweet words. Madhulika, Keith you guys made me cry and brought back Mumbai memories of passion for work and fun too. My senoirs had some things to say and I promise to live up to it. I made a tiny acceptance speech to close the celebrations.

Then on 7th March came International Women's Day and my organization said WOW! to all the women employees. We got Eco-bags as take aways. The org. sees us as ambassadors of change and they WOWed us one more time!


  1. Thats such a lovely bag..

  2. wish you many more wow quarters ahead. i truly appreciate what your company did...

  3. congratulations anjali!! its a wonderful gesture to make the employee feel really appreciated...and that bag is fabulous!!

  4. I really appreciate the way ur org encouraging employees. Lovely bag.

  5. Congratulations on completing 5 years and having such a great time!! U deserve it all!! I love the eco bag!!

  6. Great work..Good luck for ur future too..And that is a cute bag

  7. Well done, Anjali! Best to you.


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