Friday, March 07, 2008

Carrot Paratha

In my lunch box, Carrot Paratha and Vangyacha bharit

Carrot Paratha makes you a kid again with all that color and yum factors. One night we made too much carrot Koshimbir, the regular grated carrots with a squeeze of lemon, fine chopped chilies and cilantro. I never have the heart to throw food, its a weakness that added to my weight problem. Many times there would be just a small protion left and no takers. They'd declare throw it away. We don't freeze leftovers and no one likes it the next day even if properly warmed. So I would finish of the food to avoid wastage. I have now however overcome that habbit and eat only as much as I need. If I have leftovers I now transform them completely and the no taker category then turn 'dil mange more'. This Carrot Paratha is one such creation. We make it only with leftover Koshimbir and now it is being demanded as a specially made one.


1 cup Carrot Koshimbir as explained above or a similar one
2 table spoon curd
1 cup wheat flour
salt to taste
1 table spoon oil

Remove all the ingredients on the counter and knead well. You mostly would not need water as the koshimbir will release enough water and the curd used is enough to get a smooth dough. It should be slightly tighter than chapati dough as it will soften further when we leave it still for 10 mins.

Pinch off small portions of dough and shape a ball. Roll out into a desired shape for the paratha. I made small round ones thicker than normal chapatis so that the carrot shreds stay embedded well in the dough else you get a sieve of a paratha.

Roast it on a hot gridle and polish of with curd when still hot OR if packing of a meal apply some ghee and put it into a box. Roll it in foil to keep really soft untill meal time.


  1. Excellent lunch! Don't spill those on the PC!:D

  2. Sounds gr8t recipe carrot paratha !!

  3. I came back with a huge bag of colorful carrots from the market y'day. I am so trying this. Thanks for the idea, Anjali :)

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  5. Anjali, Lovely pics. My son does not eat Lauki, and so I grate it along with carrot and make parathas and woosh! they are all gone in a minute. Your lunch box looks so appealing!

  6. Jeena thanks for the invite I have joint the forum, see you there.

    Seema come on over :).

  7. Hi
    Am blogging your paratha as a model recipe in the 1001 Paratha cookbook at

    /Thanks for the recipe


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