Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Aadiriyedath Invites

Support For A Fundraiser In Pune For The Trust

I am excited !!

In the last few months there has been a lot happening but since I am in Blr. I was missing the action. Today Jyoti sent me pictures and believe me I am so excited and looking forward to be in Pune soon for the fundraiser. I had promised here at the time of the Inaugurations at Aadiriyedath. So here we are.

We are pleased to announce !

A Fundraiser for Aadiriyedath

Bharat Natya Mandir, Near - Tilak road, Pune

Date & Time :
This show has been postponed until further notice

Language: Marathi

Aapla Jag ~ Our World

This Marathi play is a fantasy about Santa & his toy world.

Duration - 45 minutes

Written by Ankush Ajri

Directed by Jyoti Brahme

Actors: Child artists

Scenes from Shalu


A story of an old & aged artist who cannot forget his golden days as a famous actor who used to play female characters in dramas. This story narrates his journey and the current situation.

Duration - 55 minutes

Original Story by Sha. Na. Navare

Play Written & Directed by Jyoti Brahme


The third item is a surprise and will be announced soon.

I would like to appeal to all bloggers if you could help spread the word and support this show and Aadiriyedath we would be thrilled and obliged!

You can use this badge and post it on your blog and link up here.

Watch out for more updates~

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