Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vathal Sundakai - The Answer Is Out !

I was at the supermarket scouting for papads and preserves as we don't stock many here in Blr unlike Mumbai home. I spotted this packet of round dried berries some of them opened as if they had burst on ripening. I was introduced to these by Durga Rani my ex-neighbor when in college. Since they ate just rice and dal/ curry most times they always had munchies along with the meal. This curious looking sundried and fried berry has a bitter taste but its combo with curd rice is something I loved. The packet said Vathal Sundakai. I was all excited to share the excitement on the blogosphere so I riddled but in vain.

I found an interesting discussion here. Green sundakai looks like tiny green brinjals. I knew only the fried ones go as crispies in Thali meals. It was interesting to know that Sundakai is cooked green too.

Here Vathal is for sundried and Sundakai is Tamil for Turkey Berry. I haven't seen it used in any form green or dried in any other state except the Southern foursome of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala.

Wiki says it's application as a rodenticide is known as much as a treatment for various skin diseases in humans.

So you have your answer for

Riddle Me This # 3 ~

The winner is Kamalika !!!

Her answer is the exact one though there were Mamatha and Jayashree who guessed it right partly before her. She said @ November 08, 2008 11:39 PM

It is called " Sundakai Vathal". We can make Vathakulambhu with this and also simply deep fry it and sprinkle some salt on it and have it with Curd rice.

This is an important dish when fasting is broken on Thuvathesi after Vaikunta Ekadesi.

Very good for stomach ailments.

Btw am i right

Now Kamalika you go and fetch some thing strange and show it to us on your blog and you know the rules. Luck~~!

I am as excited to see what's coming up as I was to host this event!


  1. Congrats, Kamalika! Now, off you go to find something strange to confound us with. And remember that now there are 4 of us with all the rights to "tic toc" you!

    Have fun!

    Great RMT, Anjali!!

  2. Manisha enjoyed it every bit I did!

  3. well well well....all these days, i had no idea sundakkai was called Turkey Berry!there were occasions when i struggled to explain what the strange looking vegetable was all about...there are tons of these in my native place (free to be plucked from roadside bushes)....and ppl there have quite a few recipes for sundakkai, btw. pacchadi is one thing i recall...apart from vatthal..
    turkey berry, eh? ok...memorize that nimmy

  4. Aaahhh....I didn't say vathal :-)) Anyways, Congrats to Kamalika...Iam going to watch her space and see what she comes up with. Btw, I make this vathal at home and have the recipe posted on my blog.
    Do check it out when you find time.

  5. No wonder it looked familiar! I even made vathral kuzhambu with then not so long ago! Shame on me...
    But congratulations to Kamalika - let's see what she has for us!

  6. Jayashree I loved those summer goodies on your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    Anita you tried vathal kolambu and where'e the recipe? I have lots of vathal and I need to try other things than just frying.

  7. Thanks a lot anjali .. never thought that I would be the winner .. its becoz of my mom who says me all these small things while cooking and it stays in my mind .... thanks again .. ive started hunting for the ingredient


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