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Riddle Me This # 3 ~

The blogosphere has ruled my life for the past 2 years and a little more now. I wonder at times there is so much food and ingredients that are available to man. Still we work more than the stone-age man for food. You bet one life is not enough for even sampling all of the food available to us. This on-the-roll event is here to expand further the horizons of our choice.

Now with Riddle me this our fun loving Manisha has started a really educative treasure hunt that bloggers get to be part of!

Well some time ago you saw me riddle you with it in a processed avatar here. There were two similar guesses but not quite right so you see another avatar today.

I'm happy to be the third blogger to get the baton. The first winner needs more cajoling. C'mon Pel !

And here is Manisha's Asthapadi (Sanskrit for 8 steps)
  1. Find something stranger than strange and weirder than weird,
  2. Post it on your blog within the next two weeks.
  3. The quiz remains open for at least 1 day and at the most 2 days. I'll make it 2.
  4. The person who guesses it correctly gets the torch and is the next host for Riddle Me This.
  5. If the person who guesses correctly is the previous host, then that person will get to pick someone to pass the buck to from all those who made a guess.
  6. And so on.
  7. Please use the fabulous logo, designed by the real IFR owner:

    and link back to the host who passed the baton on to you. For me it is the real Mad Tea Party owner.
  8. Please do your best to keep this alive. Just think of how much fun it will be! To me it is a treasure hunt and lots of learning.
You have to guess what it is? It may not be known commonly or used ubiquitously. All I can tell is it's a berry and the tell tales are is my links on this post. :S are you! Don't be and have fun !!

I'm loving Riddle me this !! Cheers for the two kewl chicks who have passed this on to me!!!

Tic Toc Tic Toc~~~


  1. Looks a lot like teppal (tirphal) to me!

  2. Sundakkai/Chundakkai (Tamil) - a berry of the nightshade family.


  3. It is called " Sundakai Vathal". We can make Vathakulambhu with this and also simply deep fry it and sprinkle some salt on it and have it with Curd rice.

    This is an important dish when fasting is broken on Thuvathesi after Vaikunta Ekadesi.

    Very good for stomach ailments.

    Btw am i right

  4. Hmmm! They are too big to be tirphal, unless those bowls with rice are teeny.

    Are these dried ambade? Or dried amla / gooseberries?

  5. In tamil, it is called as Sundaka or sunda vathal.
    When it is raw it is used to be in green color.
    I has a bitter taste.


  6. Asthapadi? Which one is 8- astha or padi? And could you tell me what 8 is in Hindi? 7 too...if you have the time.

    I think these might be dried, green peppercorns.

  7. Looks like what we call "chundakkai or "sundakkai" in Tamil. It is a bitter tasting green berry which is sun-dried using salt and sour curds.
    I believe it is called Turkey berry in English.

  8. Pel

    Astha is 8 padi is steps.

    In Hindi 8 is Aanth (n is nasal so sounds like aath) 7 is Saat.

    I'd love to help you with the Indian languages I know the blog buddies have been helping you with the words too.

  9. Hi all

    It is almost 24hrs now and another 24 hrs to go until the announcement of the winner. Till then the comments are behind the wall and 7 in there so far.

    Tic toc tic toc~

  10. These are sundried berries...varthal in tamil and are eaten fried or used in kolambu.

  11. Aha! That means someone got it! Wow!

    Not tirphal - which I knew. Not peppercorns - some people need to read Shilpa's lovely post on peppercorns...


  12. Wait and watch people! :D The pictures show the exact size of the berries and that is a give away in itself. Till then I'm zipped up!

  13. or its the perappam pazham which we offer to Lord Ganesh during Ganesh Chathurthi?

  14. Chundakkai / Sundakkai ??

    It sure looks like it - the ones normally used in vathal kuzhambu

  15. I am not very sure, but they look like dried ber (Indian Jujube) to me....

  16. And the winner~~~ is kamalika for the exact answer !

    Mamatha and Jayashree are right too they answered correctly first! only they forgot to mention it is a vathal!

    All the others like- vineela, gita, aparna, anon, nirmala and gauri all got it right !!!

    So three cheers for those who guessed it right! and clap for the ones who tried to answer. This is a very regional ingredient and a tough one for any non South Indian.

  17. Yes! Yes! Nodding my head vigorously :).

  18. I want to know what is the english name for perappam pazham(Tamil)

  19. He he! That's Greek to me.

  20. It's Pysallis fruit. . A berry from a plant


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