Monday, November 10, 2008

Cold Mornings & Pigging Out

It was cold on the weekend morning. I was stiff in bed and refused to budge. Then when I did I was on the net for long. In the last few days have seen my girlfriends going through a lot of ups and downs in life. One is on the verge of a crumbling so called sacred institution another having humps on the great express way of life yet another had to put her pet to deep sleep.

On my front. I have the apple of my eye seeking too much attention ;). Pampering some one too much drains you. Did you know that? If you didn't thank me for telling you so you are warned.

In this new house I am not able to sleep well. The dairy downstairs is noisy till 12 midnight. Then the distribution van comes in at 3.00 am. Between 12.00am and 3.00 am the groaning of the cows gets really loud. Believe me they too are just like humans ;) !

Finally last Saturday I stayed in bed a little more. Then it was time for brunch. Sent off Dad to get us an all out South India brunch. He came back with a pack of Idli & Vada, Set dosa and Chow Chow Bhat! All of which I have made singly on many occasions but take ways are a boon too you can have all of them at one time. The weather and the South Indain snacks are a blessing here in Blr. Didn't I mention before that is why Blr fights with Mumbai to find a place in my lil heart.

Both of us pigged out on it :). It does not happen always and it feels so good to have my turn to be pampered for once but it is Dad who is doing it. Love you Baba!

Centre : Sambar Clockwise: Half Medu Vada, Idli, Kesari bhat & Upma (Chow Chow Bhat), 1.5 Set Soda, Chutney, Potato & Peas sagu


  1. I really miss those days in Bangalore. Whenever I didn't want to cook, V would get breakfast from Adigas(Jayanagar 4th blk I guess). For lunch/dinner, we would go to our favorite restaurants. We are not yet adjusted to American food here, so I miss India terribly most of the time :(.
    Enjoy getting pampered by your baba. (ohh I can't tell you how much I miss my parents and festival season makes it worse)

  2. Shilpa don't worry you have my blog :). Drool !

    Yeah India is all about celebration with family et al.

    Imagine what a Mumbai girl would feel. In Mumbai we have more festivities and for all the festivals as it is a cosmopolitan metro. Blr does not celebrate much compared to Mumbai. I miss Mumbai terribly during Ganpati, Navaratri, 26th Jan etc. I prefer the quiter Diwali in Blr tough.

  3. So much variety for breakfast...hope you guys managed to finish it :-)

  4. Voyager Don't ask about it! I ate and went back to bed and woke up only in the late afternoon. It was one day when my Dad did not mind me being lazy.

  5. Anjali, I miss such breakfast. This is what we would do at my home when mom feels bored of cooking once in a while. I miss the Set Dosa... I used to lov the set dosa from Janata hotel W'garden.
    I miss the Indian food terribly. I used to do much of natak when my mom used to cook bfast for me early morning, I hardly used to eat or pack and take it office and distribute. Now i hav no option other than eating my own cooking. If bored then french fries as lunch or dinner. I cant eat the other german food.
    Enjoy being pampered Gal.

  6. Roochi welcome here! You don't like the german breads? They have so many varieties. But yeah Indian food is the taste of home da!


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