Monday, December 22, 2008

Gondavalekar Maharaj Punyatithi at Blr

This picture was taken at the 12.00 noon aarti in the Blr mandir yesterday. While the Punyathithi was celebrated in Maharashtra yesterday here in Karnataka it is celebrated today. Just attended the Gulal ceremony and am off to work. Will go to the temple in the evening again.

Darshan at 7.30 pm today


  1. nice site.thanks to you. Can i get the link to listen gondavlekar maharaj's songs?thanks in advance

  2. Hi
    I dont think there are any songs by Shri Maharaj. There are bhajans and abhangs composed by Shri Maharaj long back but sung by some others off late.If you can get the contact details of any of the temples started by Shri Maharaj, you can get them.Ha, If you happen to come across any such Bhajan or Abhang sung by Shri Maharaj, Please let me know

  3. You are right Ramesh there are no recordings of Shree's voice. Yes but there are bhajans written by him.

  4. hi..
    thanks ..
    actually I want abhangas,pade or bhajans of Maharaj not sung by him....and one more thing if those are online ,please send me the my family can hear those online....if not then we need to take initiative to upload the same on youtube or that it will be available for usaand childs

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  6. pretty cool stuff here thank you!!!!!!!


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