Monday, December 15, 2008

When I Went Home...& Papad Rolls

Papad rolls with Maggi hot and sweet sauce.

I still feel disoriented after a week in Blr. The 16 days in Mumbai went very slowly unlike my usual trips.

The first 2 days I went shopping at the new Inorbit Mall along with Sangita. Then it was time to visit my sisters and brothers. A couple of days at Gondavale enroute pulled over at Joshi Vadewale for a bite. We had misal pav but I did not get Kharvas this time.

Bonding time with bros and sisters. Pulled over at Joshi Vadewale @ Pune


Dad met his German friend, Heinz Gerstner after 4 yrs in Gondavale. Laxmi my bai who thinks it is time for her to go on holidays when I am in Mumbai!! Thank god atleast she fed me with Chavlachi Roti for a few days.

Lonavala Valley shot from the expressway

Then finally went to see MJ Kaka and Aruna Kaki. She made these Papad rolls for evening tea. Kaki works so hard at home and takes such good care of Uncle in his condition with the stroke yet she never misses a chance to pamper us. I just pray that my Uncle gets better. I know life will not be normal but atleast he becomes independent. It's been 2 long years. M J kaka and me are going to go together on a trek to the Himalayas. He promised me.


10 papads for the cover

For the stuffing

4 boiled potatoes
1/2 cup paneer crushed
5-6 green chilies fine chopped
salt to taste

Oil to fry

Mash the bolied potatoes and paneer together. Mix the salt and chopped green chilies. Divide into 10 parts. Save

Lightly apply water on the papad on both sides. Place one ball of stuffing on the papad. Make a packet. Deep fry in hot oil. Drain on a paper napkin. Though the roll is deep fried it is not so oily as just the papad requires frying. Similarly make all the rolls and fry. Serve hot with your favorite sauce.


  1. the way you tell to save the 10 parts sounds like you are writing a program!

  2. Atul hee hee some old habit die hard.
    Went to see Deepa's newborn today and passed on your wishes to her.

  3. Morning dear,

    Felt very happy to see u blog again. Did u by any chance eat chikkis on the way to Lonawala.

    Please tell me which papad did u use for the stuffing, any special variety?

    Love 2 u as usual.

  4. Anon I'm tryin to guess who you are? It feels good to get love but c'mon tell me. No we were on the expressway so no Maganlal's chiki for us. I buy only from their original shops.

    Kaki used double miri Lijjat Papad (pepper) but you could use any.

  5. I have never seen stuffed papad rolls before! Would make a great cocktail snack!


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