Friday, August 21, 2009

Capsicum and Potato in a Foil

It is not a roast. It is not grilled. It is steaming in a foil!

I love steaming idlis, vadis, dhoklas etc. It is traditional. But the steaming done in its own juices tastes completely divine. Here is steaming in a foil.

I love veggies steamed this way. My favorite in this style is a very continental tasting packet of Capsicum and Potatoes.

Many years ago when I was still selling water treatment plants for a small company and food was shared at our work desks with colleagues one would rather forget about. This recipe brings back those memories.

This guy opened a leaky packet of Aluminium foil that smelt divine. I instantly picked up the potato chips and capsicum pieces and nibbled at the delicately flavored veggies. Enumerating the recipe here...


2 capsicums
1 potato
1/4 teaspoon coriander powder
1/4 teaspoon red chili powder
salt to taste
a drizzle of olive oil

Spread out an aluminium foil large enough to hold the veggies. Cut the potatoes into chips and capsicum into bite sized pieces. Heap them in the center of the foil. Sprinkle the spice powders, salt and finally drizzle with olive oil. Fold the foil at the edges to get a nice packet as show nhere below.

Put a frying pan on heat. Place the packet in it and cook on both sides for about 10 mins. Then place the packet carefully on direct heat. In both the methods the steaming is done in the juices oozing from the veggies as they cook. The direct heat makes them smoky. Be careful while turning over the packet as it might tear open. Cook from both sides.

Transfer the foil packet into a serving bowl. Insert a knife into the packet to let out steam. So that it does not scald your hand when you open it.

This technique of steaming reminds me of Popti a method of cooking bean pods in earthenware. More about it when I try it out at home. Humm.. but where do I get the wood fire?


  1. That looks simple and enjoyable--and it has so many possibilities! Would definitely be trying it this week. If I manage to cook anything nice and leisurely, that is :)

  2. sir can u give me the recipe of poti that u mentioned above im waiting for ur reply


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