Monday, August 10, 2009

Lalbaugh Flower Festival

This flower festival is hosted for a week before the 15th August every year on occasion of the Independence day.
Enter Lalbaugh from the Main gate

The sweet smelling rose garden

Head for the glasshouseFlowery animals, is it a rabbit? or a stag?

The center piece, a mermaid surrounded by rosy fish and teddy bears!

The flower show a reason for a mela

Different species of coconuts

The American hybrid rabbits

Toys from Channapatna

The beautiful grill work

The pretty roof of the glass house with wind cock

To complete the experience a bubble maker attracting the kids...


  1. Lalbaugh! Ooh, those flowers are so beautiful!

  2. looks like you went at a good time. its not that crowded :)

  3. Saee Humm here is Blr not our Lalbag in Mumbai :). What a contrast naa?

    Yes Nikita, we went at 7.00 am, its a new routine I've started of going to Lalbaugh on weekend mornings.

  4. Great pics, I felt so nostalgic & all the memories of the B'lore trip we had taken when I was younger, came back to me.
    The glasshouse looks exactly as in m y memories, then again how much will that change :) but there were no flowers, not so many anyway, when we had been there & so it was great to see them!

  5. Bhagyashri you are right the glass house is not the same on regular days. This is on the occasion of our Independence day that the flower festival is organized. I think they do it around the republic day time too. Good the picture took you down the memory lane.

    I was just checking your profile and loved the title of your blog " If it is not happy is not the end"

  6. Yea, you're are always pretty in B'lore. But try comparing our Lalbag's Ganpati to any other Lalbag... :)

  7. cent % I agree with you on that Saee!

  8. Wow Anjali, nice snaps.... I missed the festival this year.... I was at my hometown-Nashik. Where do you stay in Bangalore?

  9. Well, this Lalbaugh Flower Festival was so great. Wish I can also watch this some other time. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing.

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