Monday, August 24, 2009

Bharli Keli

Bharli Keli for Naivedhya today

Ganapati has arrived at my home in Thal. It is Sapna & Sumeet's first Ganeshotsav after marriage. I wanted to go home for Ganapati but with just 4 days leave on hand it would be a rushed trip. So I dropped the idea. This morning I spoke to Sapna, she was giggling that the guys were impatient for breakfast and already pulling out the butter (not maska) packet.

She was going to make modak with help from Savitri Aatya. I am not motivated enough to do that here in Blr. I chose to make Bharli Keli instead.

On another note, I am confused about a milestone in Chimi's life, should I be celebrating or not? She is now in heat. I noticed a spot on the floor yesterday. I have been observing that my baby was growing. She has hair now on the belly too. I have been telling myself she is all grown now and it might happen any moment and there it was. I noticed her first drip as I was at home. Good it started when I was around. Dad would have hated it if I were not there.

It has made me think all day. Gulabi will be a big girl soon too. How will her Papa handle it? He says many times, when he looks at her he puts all other thoughts aside. She is his top priority. Ought to be.

The dogs are chasing my Chimi gal. I feel good that she will soon be ready to procreate. Do I want litters? Will I be able to take care of them? With Dad being intolerant with the scene I am pondering. He is suggesting spaying already.

Well I still think I am in a celebratory mood, after all my Chimi is adult now at age 7 months.

So we celebrate the dual event with this very traditional sweet.


12 Rajeli Keli or Velchi Keli (or any small sized Banana)
1 cup grated coconut
1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
1/4 cup raisins
2 cardamoms
1 tablespoon ghee
Powdered nuts for garnish

Prepare the stuffing by mixing together the grated coconut, sugar, sesame seeds and raisins.

Peel the bananas. Traditionally small sized banana like Rajeli or Velachi Keli are used. Velachi variety is slightly bigger than the Rajeli which are just finger sized. In case using bigger banana like the green skinned ones cut them into about 3 inch long pieces.

Slit the banana by cutting im a cross at one end and leaving one end intact. Just like you do for Vangyacha Bharit. Stuff the coconut mix.

Heat a frying pan. Add a generous tablespoon of Ghee. Line up in the pan all the stuffed bananas.. Fry on slow till the sugar caramelizes the banana. Turn over delicately and let them brown.

Plate the fried stuffed bananas. The garnish here is not traditional just something I like to do. Powder the cardamoms along with mixed nuts, cashew, almonds, pista etc. Sprinkle over the plated stuffed banana.

I love it when still warm.

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  1. Anjali, I sincerely hope you will get Chimi spayed. There are SO many reasons that this is a good idea.


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