Saturday, April 03, 2010

Gifts From Home

Dad is back from Mumbai and and here are the little gifts from home. 

Three types of Store bought poLis (L to R): Tel poLi, Gul poLi and Puran poLi. 
Bakarwadi made by my SIL, Sapna. They were tasty but soft. Next time I want to taste the deep fried ones. Shallow fry does not work well for bakarwadis.
Artificial flowers for me.You don't see the Tobleron here coz its devoured 
I got a new set of earware too :), I can't show that here!

Chimi got a high visibility jacket and a lead with a collar from Hrushi. You see her here busy chewing the bone on the lead. She was tryin to pull off the jacket. It will take getting used to. Thank you Mama say's Chimi for being thoughtful!

It will be family vacation time soon. Plans set for exploring Mandya! 
Keep watching for the vacation updates on Swachchanda...


  1. Aww Chimi looks so cute. He seems to be so well mannered and good temperament waali.

    How did she make the bakarwadi at home?

  2. Sonia, Actually for a mongrel her temperament is pretty good, it can be attributed to the fact that she is a girl. But she loves to play rough with me.

    Humm that's on my agenda to learn from her when she visits here soon.


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