Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't dessert me please...

Oops!! What's wrong with me. I think of the sweet course in a meal even when I'm not writing about food. That's the true and serious foodie in me. This plea is actually meant for my readers. Read it again with one less "s" in the dessert. Hey but I know you won't not so soon...

Forgive me. I've been enjoying life full throttle and have been away from this blog a while. But hope you are following me on Swachchanda.

Many things have happened. I just move ahead and carry on my business with a happy heart and want to share that with you.

The Boss brings on a surprise!
I've been wanting a change in my portfolio. Have been asking for something that I love to do both at work and in personal life. Just wanted to extend my passion for social media at work too. But Boss thinks differently. He comes up with a super plan, "I think you should take up all the CXO offices as a single portfolio and be a consultant to them, I need a mature person to handle that portfolio." I don't actually think it to be a super idea at that moment. Dumb me!! Until everyone jumps on me and says "Take it" It is just the thing for you!!! Those echoes of friends and well wishers are still echoing in my ears. Yours truly gives in. Now the the steam engine is ready to whistle....COOOOOK....Chugh...chugh...pheww....

Fashion statement out of place.
On a sunny day I had some personal work and post lunch with a dear one was supposed to be going in to work just to host a team meeting. That too out of turn, I was filling in for a colleague. His new born was unwell. I stepped out of the car and walked straight into the office building, fumbling at my neckline to switch my eye gear from Glares to Specs. When I realized I had left my specs in the car. The car was sent off to drop a dear one to her home and it would return in an hours time. I walked straight into the conference room , the room was almost full. Me wearing my glares with great panache. Most people wondering if I had an eye infection or worse! Except my boss who thought I was making a style statement!! But he still asked if they had power! Pun intended it weren't!! Well I sat there and conducted half the meeting over 2 hrs before I got back my specs AND I survived to write this here!

Drowning in work
Something I love to do. New things challenge me. New people excite me. Will be working for a completely different profile of people and that too from diverse teams in the type of work they do. Will I be able to help them share what they learn at work? I'll come back and tell you about it a year down the line.

I need your positive vibes, send me luck!

What a pose Chimi!


  1. Wow thats great Anjali! Wishing you all the very best and I bet u'll rock!

  2. Good luck with all the stress at work. Chimi's pic is incredible, those intelligent eyes!

  3. Nupur that's true about Chimi she is so intelligent. She is my stress buster and hey thanks for the wishes. How is Dale doing?

  4. Congratulations Anjali!! And Good luck, I am sure you will do a great job.

    And omg for the specs episode, you do remain calm under stress :)) I cant imagine what I would do if I lost a lens!

  5. Sonia that's what being embarrassed and people taking digs at you does to you. But I'd love to take credit for staying calm;)and thanks so much!

  6. Good luck always, of course, whether I stop by or not!

  7. Oh dear ! i'll get "cream"ed if I'd "dessert" you. Your new role will be a "cake"walk for you, and after one year, we'll be celebrating your success with a treat. Cheers.

  8. Thanks a bunch ET!

    Vinaya...so finally you are out of hiding. Where have you been. Mazyavar ragavlis kaa? Shouldn't celebrations be real time virtually madhye maza nahi?

  9. My best to you Anjali. Thanks, feels great to be back too. Chimi is soo beautiful!:)


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