Sunday, April 04, 2010

Kicking off the Mango season with Sindhura!!

At our home the Mango season has started with the Sindhura. The deep red and green skin with  succulent pulpy insides. For a person from Hapoos region red and green means raw but that must not be applied to all the mangoes. Sindhura grows majorly in South India. They hit the market quite early.

This mango is so inviting and fresh that it has in our culture influenced brides to wear the red and green bangles to indicate that they are on the threshold of a new life and kicking with energy.

Soiled and stained clothes though picture perfect are not welcome. We plan to invest in cloth napkins that will be tucked at the neck and washed for reuse as  this is just the beginning of the bright sensational season. Bring on the king of fruits~~


  1. I cannot wait for hapoos amba to reach the shores of US!! I am positively craving for it, I think I should plan a summer trip to India soon..

  2. Sonia the second option is better! Come down and enjoy the mango season in the konkan.

  3. Lucky you! Wish I could be in India for the mango season, but alas. :(

    Lovely new profile picture btw.

  4. ET but you guys will get the best of fruit in the US! For the amchi maati amchi manase you will love the sultry Indian summers that we so much associate with all the childhood vacation fun and frolic. May be another year you can plan it.

    Hey you are kind, that pic in 5 yr old taken at Goa.


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