Thursday, July 22, 2010

Beetroot Yogurt

Did you think it was ice cream?
Some vegetables bring with them a rigidity. They can be cooked only in a certain way. When I am challenged I insist on breaking that rigidity but not today. Beets for me can become beetroot bhaaji in south indian style, cutlets reminiscent of Mangalore and koshimbir.

This koshimbir is rather simple but very colorful. It can brighten up the plain pulav just by sitting on the side. 

1 beetroot boiled, peeled and cut
1 cup yogurt

Mix and serve.


  1. I once had a similar kind of dish at a friends place. she made some raita with this. I have a love hate relation with beets but looking at the color of the yogurt cant agree more with you. that crimson colour can brighten up anything.

  2. hi anjali,
    this beetroot yogurt looks delicious n colourful ...very less idea of useing beetroot except for salad ,got a new recipe from u ...thanks dear
    if u get time do visit my blog


  3. Such a colourful and catchy yogurt..


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