Sunday, July 04, 2010

Tzatziki, Ek Greek Koshimbir

Tzatziki is served as dip with almost anything Greek. I guess there is a recipe of curd and cucumber wherever cucumbers are grown. This Koshimbir is unique because the cucumbers are pureed along with herbs and topped with olive oil.

I did not know until I made this a whole meal that it is traditional to serve fresh triangles of bread along with Tzatziki! Mad angles can be used for snack time.

This bowl is a memento from Khushi for making it to her naming ceremony. Thank you Rashmi for inviting!

It is the first time I made something in large quantities so that we could enjoy it for longer time.


2 cups Hung curd
1 cucumber
1 handful Mint leaves/ Dill leaves
2 green chilies
2 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon Olive oil
salt to taste

Prepare the hung curd by tying one liter of thick curd in a muslin cloth. You will get 2 cups of thick creamy hung curd after 3 hrs.

In a chutney grinder puree the cucumber with mint leaves or dill leaves, green chili, garlic and salt to taste. I don't like dill so I used Mint instead.

In a large bowl remove the hung curd. Mix it with a wooden spatula to make it lump free. Pour the pureed cucumber on to it. Mix well. Drizzle Olive oil over it.

Tzatziki is a dip so goes with roasted veggies or if you are a meat eater with roasts. I served it with toasted bread triangles. This was a simple meal in itself for us when we thought we had feasted too much on the days prior to this. Consensus deliciously finger licking!


  1. Pretty bowl, and a wonderful cool dip!

  2. Thanks Nupur and its a very summery one, do try.

  3. very cooling dip indeed. sometimes I wonder how food in different region sometime matches with ours. dont you think this is so close to our cucumber raita. between forgot to thank you for the Thal mushroom curry. it was wonderful. loved it till the last drop, have taken picture hope will post soon. thanks again dear.

  4. Absolutely Sayantani! Wow it would be an honor to see a recreation of ones recipe on another blog! Looking fwd to it.

  5. Love the name Greek koshimbir.
    Food is after all the same all over the world ... with some variation with every change of region. :-)

  6. Sharmila shall we call it One world!

  7. love the dip and the toast, thanks for a great idea

  8. nice and yummy dip .New here .Do drop by padhuskitchen when u find time

  9. Tzatziki is my light and refreshing..Great idea.:)


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