Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Friday & A Meeting Over Eating

Friday was a very busy day for me at work, an eventful one. The day began with my driver complaining to me that his id card had expired and the security guy asked him to get his passport as identity proof! I mocked at him, "It must be passport sized photo. Is the company sending you on an onsite assignment?" I asked. It turned out that I need to mock the security heads who came up with this super idea of asking for a driver's passport. I asked at the gate, "Isn't police verification enough?" Thank God they agreed. I flicked the renewal forms from the gaurd's hands and rushed to a different office where I had to reach in time for a session of influencing the top management about some org wide decisions.

On the way called up another meeting organizer and pushed back a virtual training session I was doing by 30 mins so that I could run from one campus to the other and also get a bio-break! I just knew there was going to be a spill over from the first one. Then as I was about to finish the livemeeting the reminder popped on my screen and the entire batch of participants knew I was going to Papa John's for a Pizza lunch. Thankfully it also said Team meeting over lunch! Else I'm sure most of the voyeur minds would have jumped to a conclusion. Well the first push back caused a cascade and I had to call up and inform my friend Shrinidhi who was giving us this treat that I was running late. 

Actually I had told him in the morning itself that I'd be late and had promised I'll take center stage on reaching the venue ;). Having worked together for a few years now, he agreed because he knows I mean it, nodding his head said, "Then you come late." LOL.

When I reached they were almost through with lunch and some business discussion. I refused to talk on work immediately so we got talking about some interesting things outside of work. While I enjoyed the thin crust Veggie Barbecue (Fresh Mushroom , Red onion , Golden Corn with Delicious Barbecue Sauce drizzled on top). We hit on the topic of 3 idiots and Boman Irani. I am a big fan of this man. 

The hushed whispers that went around in Parsee circles in Mumbai are that  Boman Irani is a international class photographer and his talent as a photographer was suppressed by Alyque Padamsee but he did make him an actor on Shaimak Davar's recommendation. All this at the age of 34 and he  still keeps surprising us with his multi faceted talent.

This video is for the SM Theme Team. Didn't I tell you Boman is a Rockstar!

It got the audience including all the big stars there cheering and singing along. Even our best singers are rarely able to engage the audience this way.

Don't miss the 3 idiots screening on Sony at 8pm on the Sunday Superhits.


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