Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gauri Visarjan

After our Ganpati Visarjan we were about to return home via the seashore. It had grown dark but Sushil mentioned that the Gauri were expected to come down on the seashore any moment. As Deewane's Gaur is his family's Gaur we decided to give him company. Sapna had not seen Gauri Visarjan last year so she too was keen.

Meanwhile we watched other Ganaptis being sent off. The first Gaur to arrive for Visarjan was the Chaipatil family's. The Gaur is carried along with the chair on the head by a women and brought to the shore without disturbing the flower decorations. We too offered our prayers and watched them do the aarti and then the ladies danced around the Gaur. Meanwhile the Deewane Family's Gaur also came to the shore.

We bid our final goodbyes to every one and returned home. The next day I was too return to Mumbai. My time was up. I had to return to Blr on Saturday. Take rest on Sunday and Monday onwards I would return to my sterile Corporate world.

Yet it is the want of not just butter but also jam on the bread that takes us places. I do have plans to return one my beloved Thal.

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  1. Wow, I wasnt aware Gaurincha pan visarjan kartat! Thanks for sharing...kiti festive vatata ahe, wish I was in India :(


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