Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some More Glimpses

 The boat docked at the shore, It is the monsoon time and today is Visarjan so time to enjoy instead of going to high sea.

The most traditional way to carry Ganpati for Visarjan is on a Zula or swing hung from a bamboo.

 Sunset from Malbandar, Khandheri, stands witness to the life on the shores of Thal. Today it is a day for festivities.

Ganpati is a festival for letting loose the imagination. Instead of Arjun here is Ganpati and Krishna is his the sarathi/ Charioteer. It is not a confusion or ignorance about our history or mythology but creative liberties only Hinduism tolerates. This is Arjun awatar Ganapti.


How can I miss out the visarjan in my society. I was back from the village and on the 7th day, that is the no.of days we have Ganpati in our society in Mumbai. As always I am a complete recluse outside my Koli community, whether I am in Mumbai or Blr. Actually the thruth is I am a distant observer anywhere, that is if I am not an organizer. I watched the visarjan from the balcony. I am rarely a part of these celebrations or even if I am, I'm very discreet.


You see the local band playing music.  The truck is ready for visarjan and people come out of their homes to see off the Ganpati Bappa. The essence here is the cosmopolitan celebrations involving all castes and religions, people who have left their native lands in search of greener opportunities  and have made Mumbai their home. You will see a Sardar, Muslim, Christians, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kannadiga, Bengali etc all 250 families trying to live in harmony, all participating in each others festivals. After Ganpati there will be Navaratri celebrations and then Christmas Party and New year celebrations. The National holidays like Republic Day and 15th Aug are the neutral reasons to unite this diversity. It is the Siddhivinayak's blessing that makes Mumbai what it is!

Well and here is Chimi enjoying the vacation with her Hrushi Mama :)
Did you notice she has got a tail trim, by her groomer and my Dad!


  1. Khup chaan photos ahet!! Especially sunset chey...

    Btw khup divsa pasun vicharnar hotey - where is Thal? Forgive my ignorance !

  2. Thanks Sonia for all your comments! Aga Thal is 3 kms away from Alibag. Have you heard of Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers (RCF) that is in Thal. It is Asia largest Fertilizer manufacturer.

  3. This is my first time to your blog and I love the Ganapati Visarjan photos...makes me homesick. Ganapati Bappa Moriya, Pudchaya yarshi Lavakar Ya.....



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